Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You can help with the 19 firefighters fund for the families of those who lost their lives.

I bought a The Granite Mountain Hotshots Crew tee... and am now sharing the campaign and help it reach its goal!

Funds have been set up for the families of 19 firefighters, including four from Southern California, who were killed while battling a wildfire in Arizona.

Of the 19 men killed, 14 were in their 20s. Many are survived by wives and young children.

Donations can be made to a Chase Bank account No. 987218757; or via check by mail to:
United Phoenix Firefighter’s Association
ATTN: Granite Mountain Donations
61 E. Columbus
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Prescott Fire Department Administration
ATTN: PFFC Granite Mt. Donations
1700 Iron Springs Rd
Prescott, AZ 86305

Donations also can be made online using a PayPal form on the Prescott Firefighter’s Charities website.

“We strive to help the families of the victims,” Tyler Brown said, an intern with the Prescott Police Department who also volunteers with the fire department.

Brown said all proceeds made to the Prescott charities will go directly to the firefighters’ families. Additional charities have been established, though Brown said all proceeds from those may not directly go to the men’s families.

The Wildland Firefighter Foundation, which offers financial and emotional support for the families of fallen and injured wildland firefighters, created a limited-edition T-shirt in honor of the 19 men killed. All proceeds goes to the foundation.

Another organization that offers support for firefighters’ families, the 100 Club, has set up a memorial fund for the Yarnell Fire victims.

Firefighters in Hemet – the hometown of two slain firefighters – donated $2,500 each to the families of Chris MacKenzie, 30, and William Warneke, 25, Steve Standefer, president of the Firefighters Union in Hemet, said.

“We took half the money from our donation fund, which comes completely from the generosity of Hemet citizens, and we, the firefighters, matched the other half,” Sandefer said.
The union was compelled to donate the money to cover the families’ travel expenses to Arizona, Sandefer said.

A memorial service honoring one of the youngest firefighters killed, 21-year-old Kevin Woyjeck, of Seal Beach, is being planned by the Los Angeles County Fire Department, where his father works as a captain. No date has been set yet.
Condolences for the Woyjeck family can be left on a forum, linked here, created by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

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Kim Mills said...

Thanks for sharing this. I don't live in the USA but I've been reading about the terrible fires.

K'Lee Banks said...

Hi! Happy July 4th! Just dropping by from the UBC and Facebook!

Thank you for posting this information. I am a survivor of a home fire in 1985 and I appreciate how firefighters risk their lives to save others.

God bless and comfort the families and friends of these 19 firefighters!

Carolyn M said...

Thank you all for your comments! I can totally appreciate the firemen, as they put out a fire I started in our kitchen during college days. It was a grease fire. No one was hurt. My mom got a brand new kitchen out of it, because of insurance.

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