Monday, May 14, 2012

Love with Food Review and Giveaway!

I was recently given the opportunity to try out the sample box from  Love with Food on FaceBook and this is my review and giveaway for all if you to see and participate in.  It was the month of April and so they sent me a box with mostly candy in it and that was delicious.  I had to wait to begin to eat the candy in there and get rid of my cheap Easter candy first.  So with a clean palette the process of going through this incredible box of culinary delight began. THEN I had the opportunity to join the monthly box membership and got my $2.00 off the membership, same as you'll be able to do as the WINNER of the giveaway!

Here is what was included in the box:  
1.    Honey Bunny Grahams by Annie’s
2.    Caramel-wrapped Pretzel Petites by Mom’s Originals
3.    Organic Chocolate Fusions by The TeaRoom Chocolate Company
4.    Rich Basil + Raspberry Vinegar by Oliovera
5.    Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Oliovera
6.    Masala Chai Blend by Impra Tea
7.    Hazelnut Chocolate Eggs brought to you by Ferro

The card (which is very informative and tells you more about each sample from each company being featured) is just adorable and all of this was free for me and you will receive a box with whatever month they are sharing at that time!  YUM! Oh wow, the food couldn’t be any better.  And the prices are great!   

Here’s what happened recently to make this new opportunity for everyone to be able to afford this culinary delight, a price reduction:

But that’s just the beginning for when you become a MEMBER!  For the winner of this giveaway, you will receive what I received and that is a FREE BOX and then if you want to join as a MEMBER, you will receive the code from me for a 20% discount for the first month of your membership!  AND unlike a number of memberships you may CANCEL your membership at any time!  The coupon code is good for a month.  It takes $2.00 off the 1st month for a monthly plan or $2.00 off 3 or 6 month prepaid gift plans.  I have a special code for the WINNER of the giveaway!  

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  Love with Food is offering a $2.00 off coupon for all my readers to try the 1st month at $2.00 off.  Not just the winner.  The coupon code for all of you is CAROLVIP and that works the same way as described in the above paragraph for the winner!  So you are all WINNERS!  

The place to enter the coupon code is next to the GREEN join button.
Here’s something to note:  The winner of the giveaway and anyone who wants to try the product has to provide his/her credit card information in order to redeem the 1st month free.  S/he may cancel the subscription at any time.

Just in case you’re wondering, I am NOT making any profit off of your subscriptions.  I had to order the same way as you do.  My subscription starts the first of June and I’m so excited!

If you know me, you will know that I love to write recipes or tweak fatty ones to be healthy for you and my family.   Here is one for you that I used with the Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Rich Basil and Raspberry Vinegar both by Oliovera.

ROASTED CHICKEN WITH PEARS  (you may want to save this recipe for when pears are in season or NOW like I did!)
Prep Time:  30 min   Cook Time:  30 min   Difficulty: Medium    Servings: 4
·         4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts (or 8 tenders like I used!)
·         4 pears, slicked ½ inch thick
·         1 cup scallions, sliced on an angel ½ inch long.  Use the whole scallion.
·         4 sprigs fresh rosemary
·         Lemon pepper
·         Lemon peel (shake lightly on the chicken pieces)
·         4 tablespoons Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Oliovera
·         2 tablespoons Rich Basil and Raspberry Vinegar by Oliovera
·         ¼ cup white wine (or sparkling apple cider if you do not care to use alcohol)

1.    Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2.    In a large pan (9 by 13) pour 2 tablespoons of the Meyer Lemon Extra Virgin Olive Oil byOliovera.   Add the 2 tablespoons of the Rich Basil and Raspberry Vinegar by Oliovera.  Add the scallions, pears and sprinkle with lemon pepper and salt.  I use an 18 spice salt free mixture and love it.  Toss or flip pieces over to distribute the oil and seasonings.  I placed all these items along with the chicken tenders in a Ziploc bag to evenly distribute the seasonings, vinegar and oil. 
3.    Place the four sprigs of rosemary equal distance apart so that you can place the chicken breasts on top of them.  This really makes a difference in the taste so don’t skip this step.  You may flatten the thickest part of the chicken breast so that it cooks more evenly.  You may do this with a heavy skillet.  Be sure to wrap the chicken piece in plastic wrap before pounding the chicken breast piece.  Be sure to only flatten the thickest part.  Pour the white wine (or sparkling apple cider) and remaining olive oil over the chicken and season with salt and pepper (lemon pepper).
4.    Bake for 30 minutes or until chicken is done.

I place all of the seasonings, oil and vinegar in a Ziploc bag to coat the pieces of chicken evenly.  

Garnish your dish with lemon slices.  Enjoy!

Here’s my purchase from today!

Thank you for your purchase. We've just sent you a confirmation email. For every sale, we donate a meal to the food bank. Yippeee!

***For the comment section, please tell me if you will be using the opportunity to try the product with the coupon code I gave for everyone in the review?  If so, what is the coupon code that you will be using to do that?  (go back to read the section where I gave that information if you need to, thanks!)  If  you're not going to use it, what would make the offer more appealing (besides being free) to try it?  Thanks! ***

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