Monday, May 19, 2014

Announcement about the Sweet Nectar of Summer Event

3 Winners
1 Pair of Nectar Sunglasses (excluding Didymium)
Logo Shirt OR Flag
Snap-back Hat 
Wristband OR Vinyl Decal
Total ARV: $255
Hosted by:
A Ladybug on the Go
Make Our Own Network
Sign-ups close 6/8
Click HERE to sign up and for more html info.
M.O.O.N. has now added several perks/discounts for frequent participation in our events but you must be a member of our Facebook group to be eligible.  Please visit the M.O.O.N. group if you are a blogger and would like more information regarding these perks and other group events.
**If you are a company and would like to see your brand advertised in a M.O.O.N. event similar to this or a Blogger interested in working with M.O.O.N. please contact

Halo's Liv-A-Littles Freeze-Dried Salmon Product Review


Sandie (my 12 year old Sharpei Mix dog) loves loves loves SALMON.  I was given a free treat container of the freeze-dried salmon by Halo!  My dog could smell that salmon on the outside of the shipping box, she knew it was for her!

I like the small treat because it is perfect for treating her while we are eating dinner (to keep from giving her food we are eating which is a big NO) and she definitely wants MORE.

I would order this all the time but the cost is ineffective for me.  I realize that this cost is very good for this product considering what other places are charging for it.  It's something I would consider for a birthday gift, the day she was adopted, Christmas gift.  And I will buy it again!

I decided that I will buy this again for the mere reason that I learned on the directions that you can push the treat (dehydrated salmon) between your fingers and add it to the meal to encourage eating.  Sandie needs this right now because as a Senior she had blood work done and a urine pull.  They have her on a special dog food to treat the crystals in her urine.
I did that today and she ate all her breakfast! 

I would highly recommend this treat to other dog companions (aka "owners").  I think if Sandie could talk she would recommend it to others too as long as they aren't taking from her supply!

ps... TO THE CAT PEOPLE: This product is for cats too!  Meow!
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