Thursday, August 4, 2011

My review of CamelBak Groove Tritan 600

You’re on the move but you still want clean fresh-tasting water without the disposable bottled water guilt. CamelBak Groove is a bottle with a coconut-derived activated carbon filter built into the straw. Engineered to have a flow rate equal to that of the regular Better Bottle, each filter reduces chlorine, taste and odour for 180 litres.
  • Reusable
  • 100% BPA free
  • Spill-proof and NSF certified
  • CamelBak Groove filters instantly
  • Turning tap water into fresh tasting water on demand.
  • 600ml
I won this wonderful water bottle from a giveaway at Racing and Saving Mama   The product comes from Camelbak  (outdoor gear and sporting goods). and can be purchased at Trendz at this direct link.  I followed the instructions for the filtered water bottle and drank a full-water bottle last night and this morning.  The water is delicious!  I really like the bite tube to drink from.  It's much better than regular sipper tubes.  I will be using this to drink from on my daily 30- minute walks along the beach.  I also plan on using this bottle as the filter and filling up other sipper bottles in the home.   My husband has his own water bottle that he uses daily.  This is a wonderful product and I look forward to buying the replacement filters from Trendz..
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