Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Can you tell me what you love about Whole Foods Market?

Been so busy using coupons from my #BzzAgentPrivate SelectionGreatAmericanSummer #WeGotItFree products for the last 2 days and cleaning that I totally forgot about this #INCREDIBLE #NEWS! 

My husband and I really are impressed weekly with the new products that Ralph's has been adding to their store. I can thanks #BzzAgent for allowing me to test so many of their new products.  But you know that there are just some things that you can't find at the store and have to order online (I've been doing this for years now).

These are the problems with our small #Ralphs aka #Kroger . #GlutenFree anything, selection of vegetables and fruit, and it has been so many years since I was in one that I forget what they have.

Sorry #Subway but I love you still but need less bread in a meal than the 6" one that I usually buy. But I will still hang with you for a meal when emergencies arrive here at home for dinner!

So tell me, what do you like most about Wholefoods Market?  Thanks and please click G+ if you enjoyed this article! 

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