Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween and update on my condition!

(or the day after)

We didn't have as many kids as last year so now we have all this tempting candy here and we were wondering what to do with it to get it out of the house so we don't eat it all :0)   So
here is the plan and where we received the idea with a picture and instructions!  Let me know if this sounds interesting to you?

           photo courtesy of ALL FREE CHRISTMAS CRAFTS!

A huge trend in crafting is mason jars. Gifts in a jar, desserts in a jar - there are so many ways to reuse this versatile supply! As you head into the holiday season, save those glass jars instead of popping them into the recycle bin. Don't just fill them with treats and give them away during the holiday season. Turn this simple gift into a fun Christmas craft. Gift ideas should be catered to the recipient, so many some labels and add elements that really capture the person's attitude and personality. Use felt, a needle and thread to add a fun touch to your simple gift in a jar.

A huge trend in crafting is mason jars. Gifts in a jar, desserts in a

UPDATE:  Things went downhill FAST yesterday when I had all blood in my cath. and we had to go back to the ER and come to find out that the nurse that did my discharge placed the cath. on the bottom part of my leg (causing it to pull and pull hard). 
So they gave me pain medication and cleaned up the irritation in my private area and used a huge plastic needled to pull out the urine that had built up and wasn't going into the bag.    Today I'm hurting almost worse there and I am drinking like crazy to get the fluids to go through fast and hopefully stop this pain.  I have pain meds and so I already took them.  We may need to go to the ER again because of this pain today.  Please keep praying and sending good thoughts my way and I'll keep you updated on my condition.  Thanks friends and followers!

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