Thursday, December 6, 2012

Avon 5 Days of Christmas Giveaway 2012

Avon Products by Carolyn: FANS AND BLOGGERS 15 Days of Christmas GIVEAWAY!

               December 3  DAY 1  Product to win is
12Days of Avon Red Velvet Matte Nail Polish

December 4 Day 2
12 Days of Christmas Avon Giveaway Day 2. Dec 4. Midnight Green Nail Polish

Dec 5   Day 3
12 Days of Christmas Avon Giveaway Day 3 Dec 5. Avon Violetta Nail Polish

   Day 4  Dec. 6

Day 4. Dec 6. Avon glazewear clear to wear with smoky eye. Spf 15

Day 5  Dec7  Avon Christmas BLACK  eye liner and brush   (I did not OPEN the eyeliner for this photo, this is a photo from the net already open) and my Eyeliner Brush is a step up and is called The Ergonomic eye liner brush!!

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