Friday, May 25, 2012

How I pray for my readers

I recently celebrated my 1st year blogiversary.  I was really excited because I actually completed one year of a project that I set out to do.  This may sound odd but it’s been so difficult with the autoimmune diseases that I really never know what day I’ll be able to blog and what day I won’t. 

Along with thinking about blogging I thought about praying.  That’s because I started another project on Oct. 31, 2011 and that is my Prayer Journal.  I took a composition book and started journaling my prayers (because I suffer from something that is called, “Fibro Fog” and it’s very difficult for me to pray in the same way that other people may pray.)  

I don’t close my eyes, bow my head and think through my prayers in my head.  Instead I write them to God.
What you may not realize is that I actually pray for YOU!  It’s true.  I ask each week that God speak to the people that I write to through my blogging.  I have no idea who is going to read which post, nor what they will think when reading it, nor do I know what they are thinking unless they reply to the blog entry with a comment.
So I will write to you what the first two things that I wrote in my prayer journal say.  This may/may not surprise you.

1.     I need to spend more time listening to others than I do talking.
2.     I need to not be critical of others even if I believe those things are true.

When I write my prayers I pray I just talk to God as if I were writing a letter to Him.  It works for me!  When I come across someone online who is asking for prayer, I just write it out to God and commit it to Him.   I try to never embarrass anyone by asking them more than they want to share with me and in the left-hand column I have the section marked as this “Answered.”  This way I am committed to praying for this person until I find out that they have come to a conclusion of what they were asking for. 

So you may wonder about those first two prayers that I wrote.  Well they have not yet been “answered.”  I’m still working on them today and every day.  The one person that knows me best is God and then is my husband, John.  He never reads this journal but he knows about it.  I decided that I needed to amp up what I am doing in prayer about my husband and bought a journal with thought provoking questions and verses and comments.  It’s called, “Closer to MyHusband.”  I’ll still pray for him in my Prayer Journal but I will do more of this in that journal and commit more of my prayer journal to praying for you!
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