Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nov. 1 2014 (30 Day Challenge)

Fall Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder Project

img src: Pinterest Craft River
If you don't know yet, I make and sell homemade candles.
So this is the 2nd candle holder that I made when I started and I wanted to share it with you.  Unfortunately the pictures taken are in a scrapbook I gave to my mom or dad and don't want them to go to the trouble of taking a photo for me. So I bring you the next best which is Pinterest and the Internet.

There are some things missing from this craft and they are directions and how to add the rafia and candle!  Click here please:

img src:  Pinterest Betty Crocker

You never forget your first!  That is true of Thanksgiving dinner as well.   Whether you are a carnivore, herbivore, paleo...  and oh my gosh they have some many tailored diets for everyone now which is really good.  I'm going to share various kinds of recipes for various kinds of dinners.  This first one is for a carnivore!  It comes from Betty Crocker's Guide to Thanksgiving and please click here:

Please also visit the 1st page of this Challenge:

30 Day November Challenge

Conversations with Carolyn is embarking on a new challenge.  Instead of the typical 30 Days of Thanksgiving that I used to do on Facebook, I am working on 30 days November challenge of anything for November!  It may be a craft, a recipe, a photo, a story about kindness or gratitude, you never know what it will be!   Then watch this blog for the next 30 days! 

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