Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John's Retirement Today!

John (my husband) retired today!   Wooo hooo!   We've been waiting for two months to finally see this day arrive (since the day he put in for his early retirement).  Those have been a long two months for me.  We were counting weeks, then days and then hours!

While John was at work I went shopping at VONS (used some coupons!!) and set up for his party.

For his retirement we went out to dinner at Pirate's Grub and Grog ( a great restaurant that we've been going to for 10 years now and one of our local favorites!)   I had a lobster tostada and he had fish and chips.  YUM!  We ate some popcorn before the start of the meal but not that much and we both ended up bringing our dinners home here to finish tomorrow for lunch.

For the after party we had more popcorn and each a piece of cheesecake!  I bought the single slices of cheesecake so he could have strawberry and I could have regular.  I never got to snap his photo of him eating his cheesecake because I was busy in the other room.

Tonight I'm wiped out!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Diane's Digressions

I want to recommend this BLOG to all my friends. Diane and I went to  Philadelphia. Biblical University together. She's a missionary in Russia. I can't wait for her to come back home for three months next year. I want to have her here for at least a week. I will run her all over the place and chat with her into wee hours of the morning. ANYWAY... Diane has a flair for writing and is full of great book suggestions and she shares about the books she's read and the work she does as a missionary in Russia. 10 stars for Diane!

YouTube - YOU HAD ME AT WOOF by Julie Klam

I just received this book on tape and am starting to listen to it today! I'm so excited!
I'm not a real fan of Cesar Milan but Julie Klam seems like the real deal. I really bought this
book on tape for my mother in law (Shirley) who is in a nursing home really close to
us. I have another book on tape for her to start while I'm working on this one.
The other book on tape is OOGY (another dog story).  Enjoy the video!

Julie has a dream about a Boston Terrier.  She feels this dream is a sign to her.  She researches Boston Terriers and finds out that they are suitable for apartments and allergy free.  They are nicknamed The American Gentleman.

This sounds like a great dog to have!  I would love to check out Boston Terrier rescue when Sandie passes (not for many years I hope).  This is great that she gets her dog from the rescue.

Her stories about how Otto gets along with other dogs and how she made friends with other people and their dogs and knew them as the dog's name "owner."  That's how we know people and their dogs at the beach here.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Amazon Kindle for PC: Install Instructions

Amazon Kindle for PC: Install Instructions
Hi friends! I just downloaded Amazon Kindle for my laptop! I'm going to start with Aesop's Fables! Short stories... my kind of thing to read. Now's the time to mention that I'm not the best reader
with real books. Maybe it's ADD setting in at age 50 for me. But if it's on the computer or something like the Kindle, I can read it because it's a screen and not the boring paper without pictures, lol!
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