Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Witty caption contest

 Read ALL the way through this to understand, thanks so much for visiting and commenting! 

Time for our first "Chatting with Carolyn" (FB fan page) "Win free 10 samples of Scentsy" photo caption contest. 

All you have to do is wow us with your creativity & wit!
For this week, we have a mass of Pooh Bears in Poland. So...give us a caption! 

Your comment is needed on this blog entry,by Friday 11:59pm PT;
Voting is by your fellow FB peers, vote by "liking" your fav; 

Winner will be announced Monday, 11am PT July 1 Lay caption comedy on us, baby!

Rules:  1.  USA members only

            2.  Chatting with Carolyn fans only

Terms:  We can't announce winners on My FaceBook Fan Page or do the contest there so every answer should be a reply to THIS blog entry.   

              I don't have anonymous accepted in my blog so it will show your name when you reply.  Thanks!

             The announcement for the Fans  to vote and you too will be a new blog entry entry here on Saturday with your comments and your name or initials (if you want privacy).

Have the best time ever in being witty or getting your friend or significant other to help you!  Yay!



 Kimberly Gauthier, The Fur Mom said...

Sarah, you KNEW I was coming as Winnie the Poo - how could you?
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