Saturday, July 20, 2013

Wordless Saturday! Anniversary of AURORA shootings.

What do you want to say on this anniversary of the Aurora Shootings?  Use the COMMENTS, thanks!

  Day 20

What is a TWITTER PARTY? How do I sign up and get started using Tweet Deck?

Hi!  There is a GUIDE for TWITTER PARTIES.  Here:

I'm so happy you are reading this and at the end I will ask if you plan on attending our TWITTER PARTY on July 31st (1st anniversary of the book, IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE MY DOG. 

If I Should Die Before My Dog Book We Will Review!  You don't have to be a blogger to do this.  You will be writing your review on  If you sign up with me with your most frequently checked email on the COMMENTS to this note, you will be able to get a free copy of the book (if you go through the whole blog tour and promise to write a review).  I will have an official sign up sheet for this made for you by Sunday, July 21 and will make a new entry with it!  

FIRST, you need to have a TWITTER account:

I'm asking the people who plan to participate in the TWITTER PARTY to tell me when the best day is this coming week and next weekend (July 22-28) to have a PRE TWITTER PARTY (so they can practice and get the help they need to understand how to do it?) 

Cathy and Joe Connolly, the authors and please join their GROUP, If I Should Die Before My Dog

 Please also JOIN the GROUP that is having the Pre Tweet Party, the Twitter Party and the IF I SHOULD DIE BEFORE MY DOG BOOK TOUR which is

Here's what you need to download for free:

A couple of questions to answer in the COMMENT section please?  

1.  Have you ever read this book we are reviewing?
2.  Would you like to?  Will you pay for it or be part of the Blog Tour?
3.  Please leave a COMMENT with your email address or link to your blog if you would like to participate.


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