Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tonight's free game of DICE is sponsored by HOODIEZZ.COM for a free laptop sleeve

We are pleased to announce that Chris "Digits" Lamar is going to be giving away this FREE netbook or laptop Sleeve for tonight's FREE GAME OF DICE! Chris' store is HOODIEZZ.COM  Today I'm requiring that the players come to this blog entry and post that they are playing.   This is a huge gift!  Please do this....   go to​Hoodiezz and LIKE his page and think about shopping the back-to-school event that he is having there!  You will see the link to the event on his FaceBook Fan Page.     

Dice is like rolling two dice only I do it from the RANDOM.ORG website.   It's like rolling a pair of regular dice and you will pick two numbers from 1-6 and I will roll the dice and tell you the numbers that come up on my roll from .  In order to win, you have to get the same numbers in that exact order and then you type "DICE" and I will verify your numbers and see if you are indeed the winner.   Sound like fun?

I'll check Chris' website to see that the person who "won" has LIKED his website AND wrote a commnet on his page...  possibly something like thanking him for being the sponsor of DICE tonight on Avon Products by Carolyn.  This will all be explained again BEFORE the game begins so everyone knows the rules of the game.

Thank you Chris for sponsoring today's game!  We really appreciate you!
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