Wednesday, January 4, 2012

100 entries and I'm still eclectic!

Today I celebrate having written 100 blog entries since I started this blog last year.with having no idea of where I wanted to go with it on my first entry, Amazon Kindle for PC: Install Instructions.
I started out being calling myself eclectic then and I still call myself eclectic now!

I started this on a whim because my very good friend, Diane R., had one and it looked interesting and I wanted in.  I had no idea of all the blogs that existed out there.  All I knew was that she had a very nice one and I wanted to join in the fun with her.  We went back and forth on what to call it because hers is so kewl with her D-D  Diane's Digressions.    Diane was reading.  Uh oh.  That was a very sore topic with me.  Because for the year of 2010 - 2011,  I spent my time watching tv.  If that could be called a hobby, that was mine.  And I'm eclectic in the shows that I watch!

We talked about what I wanted to do with my blog and I couldn't keep it down to one topic so she came up with, "Conversations with Carolyn."  So I tell Diane that I own no books at this current time that I haven't read and there's nothing out there in particular that I know that I want to read.  And she precedes to tell me of the MANY books that she's reading at one time.   She sounds like my husband with his many books only he reads one at a time.  So I took her advice and I downloaded my Amazon Kindle for PC. (by the way, I just received the Kindle 3G with keyboard for Christmas!)  And what would I write about?  Why not include the instructions?!   Oh wow, how boring can I be?  Ok that was just the link I put there in case anyone else wanted to do the same!  Just so you know, I never read Aesop's Fables.

So time has marched on since that day in May, 2011 and I have conversed about many topics and into 2012  I plan to continue in this way!  I thought it was funny today to read a blog by someone who calls themself  a Mid Life Mama.  I guess I could call myself that as well.  But my step-sons are grown adults, single and living in Texas.  So I don't so much feel like a "Mama."   And to tell you the truth, the whole generation of "mommy bloggers" has invaded the blogging world and I'd rather stay away from the words, Mom or Mother or Mommy or Mama.  I am Carolyn.  I don't need to be labeled, I don't need to fit in, I just need to be me!

For those of you wondering why I chose that photo at the top of the page.  This is where I live.  I live at the beach in Southern California and this is the beautiful sight that I get to see every day!

Welcome Sharon Williams!

What’s your hobby? What do you do for fun? When I ask my friends what they do for fun, I often get a blank look and a little laugh. Fun? What's that? Life is too busy and my budget doesn't allow for any splurges.

I think that hobbies are one of the things that help define us as individuals. God created us with unique features, specialties and gifts that we often bury under the dirty laundry, kids juice packs and family caregiving responsibilities.

I think that each of us should have something that we do that just makes us smile and feel that special feeling, adrenalin rush or flash of excitement….. and no, we don’t have to break our budget to pursue those hobbies.

I love to work in my flower gardens, spend time with my kids, blog and read! I am always looking for ways to save money on my hobbies or find a way to pinch a penny so I can afford to spend that penny on something to make my life more fulfilling.

Here's a few ideas to get you started:

If you are a reader, then enter some book giveaways and win a free book or become a regular at your local library.

If you love to craft, but don’t have money for specialized supplies, just take a look around you and use what you have. One friend of mine had little money but a whole stack of old blue jeans. She turned that into some amazing crafts!

If you find yourself in a ‘waiting’ season of life where you are often spending time in doctors offices or waiting rooms, then why not learn to knit or work with yarn and create some treasurers for your family? This can be a frugal craft when you know where to look for your yarn and tools.

No matter what your hobby, there are ways to enjoy it without spending too much money or time.

Do you have a hobby that you love? Have you found ways to be frugal and still pursue your passion? I’d love to have you share your ideas!

Sharon Williams is a wife and mom of 3 who blogs about how to pursue your hobbies without breaking your budget.

New Year! New highlights! Excited about the changes!

Rather than go through a list of the changes and additions I will just roll them out as they come.  One of the first items of additions is SPECIAL GUESTS!  And today I start with my first guest, Sharon Williams!  She's a blogger and great reader of books.  I am delighted to introduce her and many new people to you beginning today!  WELCOME!
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