Tuesday, April 17, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: A Book-Worms thoughts on ereaders vs traditional books.

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     Guest blogger Sharon Williams writes:

I love to read! I am always in the middle of a book! I am a bookworm and proud of it! When I was young, I would toss a book in my backpack every day and read every time I had a couple extra minutes. When I would get home I would run to my special reading tree in the backyard or climb into the treehouse and get lost in the pages of a great adventure. As I got older my love for reading didn't go away. Even now, with three kids, I can always be found smack in the middle of a great story. However, the method in which I choose to read a book sometimes changes. There are some places in life that you just have to have a paper book. There's nothing quite like going to library searching through the shelves to find that perfect book that you're looking for. If the electricity goes out and you're stuck in a storm, you can still keep reading snuggled under a quilt with a mug of hot chocolate. No worrying about battery power!  

But what do you do when you plan a vacation?

In the days before e-readers, when we would go on a trip we would have to pack an extra suitcase or bookbag just for the extra books that I had to take. Because of course, I would finish reading my current book and would need my 2nd, 3rd or 4th book. Now with ereaders we have better options. I can easily download hundreds of free e-books on my little iTouch and have a portable library in my hand. Whichever device you choose, an e-reader offers you far greater options for traveling with your books.You can put your device in your pocket or purse and be ready for a big adventure. You can definitely not do this easily with traditional paperbacks.

Will ereaders replace traditional books?

There is a definite place for e-readers in the booklovers world. Will an ereader replace the paper books? Not a chance! To many people like me, the feel of a good book in my hand is never going to go away. But most people understand that convenience is sometimes more important than the feel of a page. I don't think it has to be a choice of whether you read your books in paper format or electronically. I think there's a place for both! I see a growing generation of readers who love electronics and love to read! If young 'techies' choose to read electronically instead of buying a paper book, why would I be upset. They are reading! You can never underestimate the power of a good story!

Sharon loves to blog about reading and ways to pursue your hobbies without breaking your budget at Hobbies on a Budget.
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