Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bzz Agent/Private Selection® Holiday Party and Campaign


Hi everyone!  HAPPY NEW YEAR2013... woo hoo!  We had a wonderful New Year's Eve get together and New Year's Day and Night to ourselves to indulge.   And boy did we and we still are enjoying so much!  Let me show you in pictures and text all that we tried and what we are still trying.  

Private Selection® is determined to bring you food crafted from the finest ingredients available. Offering a wide variety of artisan-inspired options, Private Selection® will help you prepare the best menu of the holiday season. Created for those with the finest tastes in gourmet fare, you'll find everything you need for your holiday party, from appetizers to the main course, right through to after dinner coffee.  And we enjoy our Private Selection® so much from coffee in the morning to meals during the day and night and crackers and cheese anytime. We buy our Private Selection® from Ralph's but it can be bought at these fine grocery stores:  Kroger, Dillow's, King Soopers, Hilander, Smith's, Baker's, Fry's, City Market, Scott's and FredMeyer.  I think you can find that you may shop at one of these great stores and can find the same Private Selection® products and much more!  

My neighbors and friends and family know that I'm a Bzz Agent and so they are usually humming around the place during the holidays or asking me on the street what I've tried recently that I would recommend!  I think they are always happy to try a new recipe that I've tried or a new product or more of the same thing that they've tried at my house so I always let them know of the campaigns ahead of time!  

With my Private Selection® Holiday Bzz Kit, I can run to Ralph's (Kroger) and grab the goods I need for a perfect New Year's Eve party and then New Year's Day and Night and next day with my husband. 

The Bzz Kit included:
1 -  4.4 Oz Box of Classic Water Crisps crackers
1 - 11Oz Bag of Costa Rican Tarrazu coffee
1 -  Coupon for a Free Private Selection pre-sliced deli cheese
1 -  Coupon for a Free jar of Private Selection Pasta Sauce
1 -  Coupon for a Free jar of Private Selection Olives
1 – Coupon for $.75 off Private Selection yogurt
5 – 20% off Coupons so friends and family can save on Private Selection offerings

What's The Bzz?

  Refined. Refreshed. Reimagined. (something that we did not plate for the party and are looking forward to trying again in the near future! We have tried the basil tomato sauce and loved it in the past!)
Private Selection® can help turn those party planning Ho Hums back into some Ho Ho Hos. With an array artisan-inspired offerings, Private Selection® allows you to serve your guests gourmet fare right from your own home.  Exclusively available at the Kroger family of stores, let Private Selection® set the perfect tone for your guests this holiday season.  We did and we're going to have to do some impressing next year too only with a bigger party!  

How we prepare for a Holiday Party in our house:

Fwa La!  You have a new scene filled with all the Private Selection® and some of our other Private Selection® and Kroger foods that are ready for the party!

Cheese and Crackers and Olives and coupons!
Adorable Dog of Honor in her Black Attire!

A table spread of the artisan fare of Private Selection®

Just the Facts

The holidays are a time of sharing. So when you gather with your friends and family to share laughs, drinks and presents don't forget to share these Private Selection® facts, too:

  • The Private Selection® brand is inspired by food enthusiasts and uses only the highest quality ingredients
  • It can be found exclusively available at the Kroger family of stores
  • Rich NEW flavors of Private Selection® coffee include Sumatra, Costa Rican, Vanilla, and Toffee Nut
  • Private Selection® cheeses are available in great tasting varieties including Garlic & Herb Monterey Jack, Blue Marbled White Cheddar, Buffalo Monterey Jack, Blue Marbled Pepper Jack and others
  • A full range of Private Selection® premium offerings can be found throughout the store, including Angus meats, fresh & frozen seafood, deli meats & cheeses, ice cream, appetizers, desserts, candy, coffee, crackers, , cookies, pasta and pasta sauce, and much more.
The incredible Private Selection®yogurt and wheat crackers.
The Private Selection® 
All ready for the party!
Side view of the table and set up! We're ready to eat and drink and have fun with friends and neighbors!

  The Scoop:
Cheese, crackers, scoop!
The Perfect (and Painless) Party
It's not news to anyone that the holiday season can be just about the busiest time of the year. But by incorporating the gourmet offerings from Private Selection® you can serve your guests delicious and easy dishes.

First Course
As your guests arrive lay out some appetizers for them to snack on such as Private Selection® Jalepeno or Garlic Stuffed Olives. Perfectly whet the appetite for dinner by pairing them with a variety of crackers (like the ones in your kit!) and some gourmet cheeses to sample.

My table set up with everything from this Private Selection®campaign. 
Easy to make and serve, plus sure to please the entire crowd, keep things simple with a pasta dish as your main course. With a variety of Private Selection® Pasta Sauces to choose from, the possibilities are near endless.

    (We ate the Private Selection® Fettucine  with the Private Selection® aldredo sauce and didn't get any pictures then. Next time we'll come back and update with pictures of us trying this again, it was delicious!)

After Dinner
Whether you choose the Costa Rican, Carmel Truffle, Seattle House Blend, or another Private Selection® coffee blend, you'll warm your guests up for their trip home or perk them up for some spirited after dinner action.

My husband with a cup of Caramel Truffle! 


I am an unpaid, non-attorney, non-spokesperson for Private Selection or Kroger Brands. I’m a Bzz Agent that received great food, coupons and Ralph's costumer in exchange for my honest opinion. I would only put pictures of  my husband in here that he agreed to and none of the guests to violate their photo privacy. 

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