Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shaklee Review & Giveaway!

I  (was fortunate enough that Renee, a mom and an independent distributor for Shaklee, asked me to do a review for Shaklee's products. I had heard of Shaklee before, but I knew next to nothing about them. After a very pleasant phone call with Renee, she taught me that Shaklee was the first company out there to offer environmentally friendly products. At the end of the call I could not wait to try out the products she was sending me!
Renee sent me 16 oz. bottle of Basic H2, a 3 pack of Get Clean Spray Bottles, 9 oz. jar of Scour Off Paste, and 16 oz. of Dish Washing Liquid Concentrate, along with a packet of information.
I want to first share some information on each product with you. Basic H2:
  • Safe: Nontoxic, no toxic fumes, no hazardous chemicals, fragrance free, mild on your hands, pH balanced, and no chlorine.
  • Here's the household uses for Basic H2: General cleaning, windows, mirrors, glass, pots & pans, floors, dusting, fruits & vegetables, handwashing woolens, nylons and all fine fabric, spot remover, aquariums, removing fish odors, removing boat algae, reducing odors in diaper pails (I use Basic H2 for this the most), wallpaper, frying vats, and many more.
  • Personal uses include: Hands, Bathing, removing gum from skin, carpet or clothes, painting and dyeing, cleaning shoes, and cleaning eye glasses (another one I use frequently).
  • You can use it for automotive uses, such as washing your car, cleaning the engine (will not affect paint, gaskets or insulating material!), cleaning the battery terminals, and helps get tires off easier when you're changing them.
  • There's many other miscellaneous uses as well! The list just goes on and on!
Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate:
  • Completely safe (non-toxic, hypoallergenic, does not contain chlorine, is mild on your hands, is pH balanced, and has no hazardous chemicals)!
  • Very powerful (tough on grease, has long-lasting suds, and can use very little and it goes a very long way (one of the best parts).
  • The second best part is that it is green; has natural ingredients, is biodegradable, has no phosphates or dyes, comes in recyclable packaging and is safe for septic-systems and graywater.
  • Can also use for grout & tile, pans & stained dishes, pots, pans and PYREX, oven cleaner, mineral deposits in toilet bowl, and tough stains in sink.
Scour Off:
  • You can use scour off on baked enamel, chrome, ceramic tiles, stainless steel, glass, porcelain, and most hard metal surfaces. (Do not use on gold, brass, copper, sterling silver, corian, or surrel.)
  • There are many uses for the kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, and vehicles!
  • Scour off is biodegradable, pH balanced, certified Kosher, and has no toxic fumes, no alkalis, and has a pleasant scent.
I (used the Basic H2 on my kitchen
Here is a before picture:
How gross, right? We had had a party the night before, so that would be why it's so nasty. I figured what better time than now to see if Basic H2 actually worked!
All you need are one of the spray bottles, the Basic H2 and I used a rag. You just fill the spray bottle with water, then put a 1/4 teaspoon of Basic H2. Then you just spray and wipe away! I let a couple of the spots soak because it was pretty stuck on, and it wiped away so easily! Here is the after picture:
What a huge difference! Another great thing about the Basic H2 is that there are absolutely no fumes! I can't even begin to tell you how much I hate cleaning because of the fumes almost all cleaning solutions put off. It's so nice not having to deal with it anymore! Next, I used the Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate.
I didn't take any pictures of the process because, well, who wants to look at dirty dishes? I didn't want to subject my readers to that! Haha! But let me tell you - I will not be using any other dish washing liquid! It got off grease and dried on spots on all the dishes, and I hardly had to use any of it! I swear, you can barely tell I used any of the stuff! This bottle will last me a long time! The Scour Off I used on the rims of our tires. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of the before and after because our camera started acting up, but they have never been so clean! It was so easy to use, and although there is a slight scent to the paste, it was actually a pleasant one! Thank you so much for reading my review on Shaklee products! I can't wait to try some more of Shaklee's wonderful products! Thanks to Renee, I'm able to offer my readers a giveaway! I'm giving away a free membership to Shaklee, a bottle of Basic H2 and 3 spray bottles. This giveaway starts at 12:01am on 5/18 and ends at 12:01am on 5/26. The winner will then be selected and have 24 hours from the timestamp on the email I send to claim their prize. If the winner does not reply by 24 hours, then the next winner will be chosen and contacted. a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Disclaimer: I received one or more products for free. All opinions are strictly mine.(this is the review by:
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