Sunday, October 30, 2011

WEEK ONE: Day 7..... Day of Worship and Praise!

Hi Ladies!    Sunday's are the Day of Worship and Praise!   I'm a shut in (meaning I can't get out of the house to go to my regular church right now) so what I do on this day is listen to some online messages from pastors that I know from college who are online and give sermons in the written word or an online message.   So I'm going to share some with you and then give you a general link where you can find so many messages that might suit what you are looking for on this day.   I hope this is helpful to you!

Messages Online that I would recommend:

1.  Weekly Sermons by Pastor Rudy... many selections for you!  Please click HERE. This is audio.
2.  Text sermons by Dr. Lehman Strauss...  please click HERE.
3.  Wide selection of messages by Dr. Lehman Strauss....  please click HERE.  This is audio.
4.  Wide selection of  audio messages by various speakers (I do not know all of these speakers so this is a general selection of many.)  Please click HERE 

Free Christian Sermons...  please click here (I do not know the content of these messages) But I do recommend this listening to Elizabeth George on here.  This is her FaceBook link. She's the author of the book we are studying right now in our Women's Bible Study:  A Woman After God's Own Heart!   This is the direct link to her ministry on the radio.

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