Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Planned my vacation on a budget! And it still cost us over $500.00.

This is our beach...  Oxnard Beach, California and yes, totally beautiful and we live here every day and can see this beauty as much as we want.  But even we like to get away and see some other places that are around us.

So I planned out in great detail a vacation to Long Beach, CA.  We were visiting two places and eating at Denny's and staying at the Motel 6 (because they take dogs).  I had it down to under $200.00 for 4 days and 3 nights and that included our membership to the Aquarium of the Pacific!  

What we didn't plan was the rock that some random car hit and it cracked my front window. And the car that hit the front end of my car when John was in the drug store.  The driver never left a note.

This is just a little note to say that you can plan everything for your vacation down to the last dollar and still get unexpected events that will cost you more than your vacation!  I plan to blog about our wonderful vacation in the days to come.

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