Monday, February 11, 2013

Carolyn and John ask for your help during this passing away of Shirley


We are asking you to consider and pray about making a donation to the "Mrs. S. Mullin/Hospice Colon Cancer Donations as my Mother IN Law is in her final stage now and we  just need enough to pay the arrangements (they do it right away) but we have to pay the money back to them.  Any money left over will go towards Hospice.  

We don't just want you to donate, Carolyn and John want to give you something to thank you.  Carolyn sells SCENTSY and makes her own candles (when she's not confined to bed most of the day...  fibromyalgia and osteoporosis is bad right now)  So here is the donation button and please tell us what we can send to you?  We of course will send thank you notes (real ones) to those who donate.  

That is the button to click on.

 PayPal monitors all accounts for fraud, ensuring that donations are not collected by someone falsely claiming to be a non-profit organization, or by a group in violation of PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy, such as a hate group. PayPal's system will allow anyone to create a Donate button, but will monitor the donations for compliance with their policies.

The above chart shows you what Carolyn is going through right now as I write this blog. <John>  She's in the Depression Fatigue Limited Activity stage.  She's saving her energy to visit my Mom in the Nursing Home in these final days. 

These are the sites of the things that Carolyn and John can do for you:  

Carolyn sells Avon now for 2 5 years!  She only does DIRECT MAIL which means that you buy from her store and the product goes from Avon to you directly.  LINK:

Maybe you want to buy something for you or a loved one?

Carolyn also works for SCENTSY as an independent consultant.  This is her store online (and this is direct from Scentsy to your house)  They have so much more than candles!  Check it out:

    Again, think of your loved one or for you!  

And those products above and more products available for sale from our site:

Carolyn handmakes Stampin Up Cards!  She's not a listed seller because she has so much in the way of card making that she uses the products that she has and makes them from her own imagination.  Sometimes she uses design ideas to send to people who need ideas.  
(Valentine's are available now and LOVE cards)  Coming up are so many things you can ask for.  If you have a special request and design, please send it to me at

 We are not including our phone number at this time because we are so worn out emotionally and physically that we are only taking calls from Hospice and the Nursing Home.  

If you need to check out this information about her condition then please call Fernando (her caretaker) when you write to me at and I will give it to you. 

Thank you and God Bless You always!

                                 John and Carolyn and Shirley

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