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SIMPLEOLOGY ... what is so simple? Anyone have a dollar?


THEIR OPINION of themself!
I'm starting to see a pattern...

Is Simpleology a Scam?

Authored by Stacy Lewis (more by Stacy)
Simpleology.com Reviews | Is Simpleology.com a Scam?

What is Simpleology.com?

Simpleology.com claims to have been featured in The Wall Street Journal. In order to see more of the website you are required to create a seemingly free membership account; of which they say will give you access to Simpleology software, Simpleology 101, and “sanity”.

How does Simpleology work?

Once you sign up as a member on Simpleology.com you are brought to a page that discusses two drug free “body hacks”. The first “hack” is to chew your food 30 times before swallowing. By doing this they claim that you can help gain nutritional value from your food and help you conserve energy. Simpleology 103 is one of the systems that this website offers and it is said to teach the multiple ways energy is leaving your body and how quickly you can regain it.

What does it cost?

Simpleology.com offers the membership to their site and some of their services and products for free, but it has others that do cost money.
For example, their Simpleology 103, The Simple Science of Personal Energy system, costs $47.00. However, the site also claims that you get five free bonuses including:
• How I Lost One Pound of Fat a Day
• Little Known Drug-Free Way to Stop Hair Loss
• Cleaning: Miracle Cure? OR Wacky Snake Oil
• Case Closed! The Real Truth About Atkins Revealed
• High Tech Meditation on the Cheap
Important! If you're ready for success, and you're looking for an honest, ethical, and legitimate way to make money online, then I STRONGLY recommend you <their sales pitch, lol>

 The site also offers you Simpleology 102, The Simple Science of Money, which costs $97.00. Once you are charged the $97.00 fee, you are said to have a 60 day money back guarantee that seems to allow you to get your money back if you’re not satisfied with the system.

Simpleology.com in Review

Simpleology.com is a website that appears to be committed to teaching you ways to make your life better. It has systems that range from claiming to help make you healthier, and stay like that, to ways to make money continuously. The site seems to provide you with services such as “Daily Target Praxis”, “Dream Catcher”, “Daily Targets”, “Mental Lock Box”, and others. These services are said to help you stay focused and on track in your quest to succeed in life, whether it is monetary success or just creating a better lifestyle for yourself.
Do you have any experience with Simpleology.com? If you do, please write about it below and let us know how it worked for you!

And from a gal who took the course: 

Type: online course
Cost: free
Web site: www.simpleology.com
Purpose: to teach you “the simple science of getting what you want”.
Author: Mark Joyner
What you get:
The nice thing about this course is that you do get a lot for free. As soon as you sign up, you get access to a PowerPoint video presentation, an e-book, worksheets, mp3 files, daily emails, and access to a forum.
Note: the video, the book and the mp3 files are exactly the same. They just provide the information in a different format.
You get this course for free because he hopes that once you do the first one you will continue on to Simpleology II and Simpleology III. Cost for those is $101 each. Along with the daily emails, you will also get opportunities to listen to various conference calls he sets up with “experts”. He also usually has the calls available on his site afterwards if you aren’t able to listen to it live. They’re about an hour long. The thing I’ve found about the ones I've happened to listen to is that he tends to talk more than his guest. But, I think you're supposed to be encouraged to buy the guest products.
What I liked:
It is a very simple concept which is basically to figure out what you want, start working towards it and don’t get distracted along the way. He breaks it down into simple concepts so you can truly understand why it’s so important to know what you want, be specific in the steps you take, and to focus on your goals.
What I didn’t like:
He doesn’t explain enough on how to use his dashboard and his other worksheets. The course tells you that they’re explained in more detail in the future Simpleology courses. It basically just says, use them. He’s broken it down into 36 days (18 lessons done twice). I didn’t get past Day 9 of the daily work but I did read the entire book. They’re very short lessons and I would have preferred longer lessons, less days. I understand why he did it this way (to get you in the habit of doing it every day) but it didn’t work for me. As with anything, some things work for some people but not others. He has amazing testimonials on his site from people that claim it has changed their life. I really wanted this to work for me and I may go back and try it again but so far it hasn't been effective for me.
Yes, it’s free and you do get a lot. It’s a good reminder of how we should focus on our goals and then work towards them. Just be aware that getting it for free means you’ll have to be “strong” against the sales pitches.

Videos that don't look so good....



Book reviews look worse...


     one man's opinion... sounds very sound! But opinion  always vary.....

Another review:  


 and the last I'm reading:

I've seen enough...  I'm going to see if they will let me evaluate it for FREE!  I'll give them a fair and unbiased opinion....  I always do on my reviews... (except for my own bias)...

To be continued....

<I'll most likely stick with this:   http://kommein.com/25-free-online-social-media-classes/ >

Haha!  Check this out:

Simpleology Coaching Sold Out - What To Do Now

As expected, it didn't take very long for Mark and Simpleology to attract the 1,000 first recruits into the Business Coaching program.

I received this email from Mark Joyner

"Just a quick note to let you know that the Simpleology Business Coaching program is now sold out.

We'll open it up again as soon as we have fully trained a new team of coaches to guide new clients.

Since you're on this waiting list, you'll be the first to know.

All the best,

Mark Joyner"

What To Do If You Missed Simpleology Business Coaching

First get yourself on the email list at

Simpleology Business Coaching

Second, I think you should start to become familiar with the work of Mark Joyner and Simpleology.

The place I recommend people start is with his terrific book, The Irresistible Offer which shakes up what a lot of people think about marketing.

The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner

This is available as a free ebook but also comes with an upsell to an excellent multimedia.
 course. Marketing is at the centre of business so what you learn with this book or course will be great preparation for Simpleology Business Coaching.

Third, I recommend that you start the free Simpleology 101 time management course which you can access through the Simpleology account you opened with the Irresistible Offer. Again learning how to improve the way you use your time, energy and money will be important in the coaching program.

Simpleology time management

You will be offered an upsell to Simpleology 102 but I should tell you that this is one of coaching bonuses offered - it is your choice whether you pay to get the training early or leave it until you join the Simpleology Business Coaching program when it re-opens.

Going To Another Business Coaching Firm

If you really need business coaching now, then you may have to find another business coaching firm but the Simpleology offer was extremely competitive. One-to-one coaching will be much more expensive.

The two Simpleology resources - The Irresistible Offer and Simpleology 101 - which cover marketing and your own self management will certainly help and may been you can wait until the Simpleology Business Coaching program re-opens.

The $1 trial offer will have tempted some who just want to grab what they can so there may be a limited re-opening in about six weeks time if 200 or 300 of the 1,000 don't carry on with the coaching program.

Make sure that you are on the Simpleology email list and in particular on the Simpleology Business Coaching list.

You may also be interested to see my own Business Coaching Blog      <his....going to look into this...  and maybe someone who wants to give me a Dollar I will review Simple-yes-ology-the study of ....  so the study of not being so simple! lol>  

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I know this is an old original post. I have been using Simpleology with the monthly membership for about 6 months. I use it to manage both personal and work activities. I really have made it into a crutch. Once you learn to use the tools it is very helpful. The lessons are kind of boring and redundant, but to you point in the article above, he's trying to make a habit out of it. I work for a small company and everyone has to take on the role of project manager, and also the one doing the work, so the ability to have tasks and subtasks (with recurring options) works for me. To sum it it, it really helps me with my naturally distracted personality. I don't use it 100%, but when I make a point to really use it, I get better results. Vince

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