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Eukanuba Review 12/23/12

Tiny morsels for your dog's mouth

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So let's get to this review of Eukanuba now and not delay or make this too long so I am sure that you are reading this blog and not side tracked to a different blog. Thanks for reading this far and I hope you will continue reading further!  There are COUPONS being shared on this review that will be helpful to you in saving money on Eukanuba's Dog Foods in your store of choice where Eukabuba is sold.  

This is the current dog food that Sandie is eating now and I did a taste test with her because I wanted to see that she would choose the Eukanuba dog food over her current dog food.  And what did she do?  She ate BOTH of the dog foods but she ate the Eukanuba FIRST and then her regular dog food.  She has been on her regular dog food for 6 years now and I would be tired of the same food for that many years, wouldn't you? 
This is Sandie saying "Oh no they are up to something now because I barely laid down and they want me to do something!"
I placed a handful of r/d on the left hand side and a handful of the Eukanuba on the right hand side. 

You can see that she ate the Eukanuba and then she ate her r/d.  This gal did it, just like I thought she would and chose the tastier food first and then she ate her  r/d because this gal is never going to turn down a free meal! 

First let me tell you how impressed I am with this company just on how they set up the review!  They mailed us the Eukanuba that we needed for our dog and that made this choice so much easier!  Because they did THAT and so many other wonderful things for this review, we are choosing to ADD to our dog food the Eukanuba adult dog food that we're going to share about as well as the one that the review is set up for!   I feel that good about the product!

Let me tell you that this review is not Eukanuba's opinion and I am not getting paid to review these two products, but I did receive the items in the review for free and was not asked to return anything!  This is solely my and my husband's opinion of the products that sent!

We love the size bag that the Eukanuba dog food comes in because we can choose which size bag we want to feed her and they sent the perfect size to last her while doing this review and GIVEAWAY!   Yes, if you keep reading this article to the bottom of it, you can enter a GIVEAWAY to get the coupon to buy the food yourself, but if you're really not interested in the product I ask that you pass on the coupon and let someone who is interested in this food be the one to take the $5.00 off coupon.  Thank you for respecting this choice.  We would love to do a Review and Giveaway with you if you choose to take the $5.00 off coupon. Thanks so much for thinking about that at this time! 

My husband was able to get a full look at the left side of her teeth AFTER she ate the dog food and at 10 years of age, this dog has no tartar!  We were provided with a FREE black light and instructed how to use it because we are not vets and they should be doing this.  Our vet. felt that we would be the better ones to do this since she's used to us checking her teeth and brushing her teeth.  So r/d must be doing something right and we are doing the right things as well as our veterinarian has told us to do.  We don't do anything without his approval first.  (No fingers went missing in this demonstration!) 
My husband was able to get a good look at her teeth with the black light and people that were here during the procedure were impressed with how clean her mouth was and they asked us to check their dog's teeth with them holding their dog in place and they did the checking.  Two out of three of them had really bad gums and wanted to know what food we were using to get such good teeth.  We also informed them that she chews on knuckle bones and eats a good diet which includes Eukanuba dog food and vegetables with her dog food that our vet told us to add to the food and she chews on a Greenie Toothbrush once a week.   And then I gave out some $5.00 coupons to them right away so that they would want to try the product themselves.  They were so happy to receive them. 
This picture demonstrates about where in their mouths the dog food will naturally go to and that's important because if they are frontal chewers this dog food will not get into the right place of their teeth to be effective.  This is what our veterinarian has told us as well and so we have always made sure that she gets the smaller nugget for best chewing.  Big morsels are not for her because it changes the bite. 
And not the FRONTAL look and as you can see she has had NO TARTAR at all and she is 10 years old and our veterinarian has never been wrong in telling us what to feed her and how to check her gums and how to brush her teeth. 
This came with the products so that we knew how important it is for dog's to chew in the right part of their teeth and how your dog can get tartar if they are not eating their food in the right jaw position.
This is the smaller size that provides comfort when chewing and is the perfect size for our dog based on what our veterinarian has shared with us and what Eukanuba has taught us not only now, but when we first adopted her from the shelter and at that time her teeth were just 2 years old! 
This is not me and this is not my dog.  This is a video on You Tube that I thought was very effective in telling you how to check your dog's teeth.  Please do not watch this if you feel this will sway your opinion about the facts given here in any way.  Thank you.

How to check your dog's teeth- YouTube

 *Eukanuba did not tell me to provide that You Tube video on how to check your dog's teeth, I researched the Internet and found this very good You  video myself.*
This caption picture is for informational use only and I did not get this image from Eukanuba and this character is not meant to sway your opinion about this review in any way.  It is here for some humor in this review! 
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 If you are happy with this review and coupon giveaway, would you please give me a good rating and write comments that are positive or neutral and you have questions and I will instruct you to the material by Eukanuba!  Thank you!


* All opinions are my own and not prepared for me by or Bzz Agent.  I do this because I want to and am not required to do reviews or give out coupons.*

If you think I am ready to be a Queen Bee, would you say something to Eukanabu please? 

What is a Queen Bee?

[I'm just kidding, in my family I am the Queen Bee but I don't try to sting with my words. That's good, right?  lol  I am definitely a very good representer of the product and research everything without taking the material presented at it's presentation and try to convince you to believe in all that I am saying but rather trust your professionals (veterinarian) and the product information itself.  Thank you! ]

*legal wants us to tell you that "no bees were harmed during this presentation."*

One final word about PRINTABLE COUPONS!

As a premium brand, Eukanuba is sold at pet stores and specialty stores, but not at grocery stores or discount stores. The brand offers Prebiotics to boost the immune system of dogs, which is also found in Iams dog food. Procter & Gamble purchased Iams in 1999, and now Eukanuba is under the umbrella of the U.S. conglomerate. Pet owners can save money with Eukanuba coupons, as well as Iams coupons.

Eukanuba is so confident that your dog will like its products that the company offers a 110% guarantee. Eukanuba will refund your purchase and give you an additional 10% if your dog finds it unpalatable. The company manufactures specialty foods for animals with special diets, and some of its products are available only with a prescription from a veterinarian.

The Eukanuba product line offers dog food for puppy, adult and large breed adults. The Eukanuba Pure Formulas offer ingredients such as 100% chicken, rice and beet pulp for all-natural meals. Eukanuba Pure does not contain meat fillers, by-products, corn, wheat or artificial ingredients.

The Eukanuba Naturally Wild product line also includes natural ingredients such as salmon, venison, turkey and rice. A popular offering from Eukanuba also zeroes in on requirements by breed. Dog owners can purchase products specifically designed for Boxers, Yorkshire Terriers, Labrador Retrievers and other breeds.

Although Eukanuba carries a higher price tag than other dog food, our coupons can help dog owners save money. Petvowners can also shop for other premium dog foods with all-natural ingredients by using Max dog food coupons.

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