Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring 2012 How to Save Money Writing and Coloring Contest

Saving money is not just about adults using coupons when they go to the grocery. It's way more than that. Just ask the kids! With gas prices rising, food costing more at the grocery and the price of living always getting higher, many families are talking about saving money. Now it's time for the kids to share their knowledge and get a shot at winning some great prizes.

Spring 2012 How to Save Money Writing & Coloring Contest

Coloring Contest

• For all kids age 3-5 who haven't mastered their writing skills.
• Create your best colorful masterpiece.
• Take a picture or have your parents scan it in. Email your picture here

Writing Contest

Theme: Kids must give their best ideas for how they can save money in their real life. We all know that you can use a coupon from newspaper. Be creative. Think outside of the box. How else can you save money?

• For all Kids age 6-12
• Entry must be at least 5 full sentences (no more than 250 words)
• Must be handwritten and legible (not typed!)
• Once you have it done, take a picture or have your parents scan it in to the computer.
• Email it here.

Contest will run from April 1 - 30, 2012.

ALL Participants will receive a printable certificate of participation in their parent's email box once the contest is completed.

What will happen to these entries?

Starting in May, each entry will be randomly featured on the participating blogs all over the country. Who knows? Your child may have his entry be read my thousands of people who want to know ways to save money.

Why is this contest so important?

Our kids need to learn now that saving money is not just a necessity; it can also be fun, cool and rewarding. I want our 3 kids to grow up being financially intelligent and responsible. I want them to avoid making the same mistakes that many of us have made.

Teachers: Feel free to use this contest as a writing prompt in your class. We all know how important writing skills are. This is a great opportunity to motivate them and offer them tangible rewards!

Let’s all work together to help our kids learn ways to save money in their real life!

Click here to see all the cool prizes!

Adults can win a prize too!!! We know that the kids can't do this contest without you. Click here to enter!

***Both coloring sheet piggy bank images were drawn by Sheila McCoy just for this contest! Thanks Mrs. Sheila!!!

Contest is open to US entries only.

Character Quality Project for April 2012: Loving Communication


I started with having a Character Quality for each month back in January, 2012 but because I was offline for the months of Jan-Mar. 2012, I was not able to post them here.   This month I decided to make a goal of being more patient with my husband and friends and then I thought that something that I should really focus on would be more loving communication to my husband and family and friends.

If your friends were asked to categorize your communication, what words would they use to describe how you communicate? Would you be recognized as a person who speaks carefully and gently? Or, would your testimony be one of harshness and a quick temper? Often, our thoughtless and ill-timed words build a reputation for us that we would never want to own. Gentle responses, in any situation, can help to heal, restore, or simply assist in meeting the needs of the moment. Harsh words, on the other hand, will take the same situation and produce anger and wrath. If you recognize that you are prone to sharp or harsh responses, take proactive steps to change your negative communication. Spend time with the Lord and ask Him to help you to hate your harsh words and to love speaking gentle words of healing.

 Proverbs 15:1 NIV
"A gentle answer turns away wrath,
   but a harsh word stirs up anger."
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