Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Christmas In July: Letter Game

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Guess what everyone! We're going to have fun this month in the theme of Christmas in July. A game we are going to play is the Letter Game! Each day that I'm on I will post to my blog, and a note here of where to go, a LETTER from the word Christmas and ask you to type out as many words related to Christmas on the REPLY to the post and then I will take a look and declare a winner. 

I moderate my blog and will keep them all from being posted until after a winner is declared. That way no one cheats from someone else (I know you wouldn't do that!) 

The prizes will be announced each day that I do this. Thanks and have a great time!

"C" was won by ROE CLARK!
"H" was won by ROE CLARK! 
"R" was won by ROE CLARK!
"I"  is not won by anyone. Late entries.  Time was  over at midnight. 

TODAY IS THE LETTER "S".  Please use the comment section to come up with as many "S" words as you can that relate to Christmas in some way.  Or the other WINTER Holidays.  You need to have at least 10 words to be the winner.   Feel free to use GOOGLE.  The person with the MOST WORDS by tonight (Friday, 7/26/13) MIDNIGHT, EDT wins!  

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credit: Festival Advices

credit: all things Christmas

Day 26

Win It Wednesday! Christmas in July 6pm PT 9pm ET

First Game 6:00pm PT / 9:00pm ET

   We're going to be working through the whole word, CHRISTMAS by the end of the month!  So starting tonight, use the COMMENT section of this blog entry and write all the 3-letter and up words that you can think of that are associated with any of the words: cold, snow, Christmas and record them in the comment section.  ALL comments are on moderation and when you are done go back to the group to the announcement of the WIN IT WEDNESDAY post and type "done" and I will let the game go on for 30 mins.  then I call TIME on the post and then release all the posts and call the winner.  If you don't understand the rules and explanation please send me your question through the MESSAGE on our group, ChattingWithCarolyn (click on the words).  Have fun!

ROE CLARK!  Congrats!  Your gifts are going to be selected by you on the MESSAGES on the group.  Yay!

THIRD and FINAL game of the night!  This is a toughie and I'm giving you an hour to do it.  Starting at the time that you see this until 9pm PT and 12am ET.  Have fun!

Write as many movie title's that you can do in an HOUR!  Begin!  Have fun! AND... all the names of the movies go on the COMMENT together... be sure to copy and paste there since it's easy to lose the words on a comment if you're not careful.  PLEASE try to think from your head and not from a movie list.  Thanks!

Roe Clark wins again!  Thanks so much Roe for playing the games!!  Way to go, woo hoo!

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas in July on Chatting With Carolyn's FB page and here!

Did you remember "Christmas in July?"

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