Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: AKC Canine Good Citizen and Sandie on the Dunes

Sandie and her "Saturday Greenie"

Sandie and my husband at our house!

We live at the beach and take her on the Sand Dunes! This is her starting position!  

Now she's hiding in the reeds!

She's out of breath from playing CHASE with us!

Now she's coming down the Sand Dune to pretend that she's coming to us when called, but...

She's off to play CHASE again! (She really does come to me when I'm calling her and this is a day of play that you see and my husband is chasing her in this picture!)
Now she's coming to me!  That rascal!

This is the exit area from the dunes and now she does her last "marking" and then we go home!

Sandie has this award from her Obedience Lessons.  During this month of PET SAFETY we encourage you to look into this obedience class for you and your dog(s) and here is the information: 

                          More links to PET SAFETY:

Day 31 and I made it.  A blog a day.  Some days I did two entries to make up for the ones I missed.  Congrats UBC Bloggers!
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