Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Giving up the JUNK FOOD for HEALTHY FOOD!

Yep, you heard it here! John and I are on a mission now to eat healthy and give up the JUNK FOOD for the HEALTHY FOOD!

No more junk food!

And instead we are switching most things to this:

So we've traded in some things lately for some really good junk food options:

POTATO CHIPS are out and POP CHIPS are in!
SODA is out and FLAVORED and VITAMIN waters are in!
ICECREAM is out and SKINNY COW is in!
CANDY is out and SKINNY COW CANDY is in!

We've joined CLUB SKINNY and are going to get rid of some pounds we put on from junk food!

We want to know just who is with us on this endeavor?  

So no more chocolate bars for John for clipping coupons  but instead he gets Skinny Cow Candy!  It's worth it to be healthy and wise!
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