Thursday, October 6, 2011

We got the Treats Pete! AVON EXCLUSIVE!

I've been showing Pete on my Avon Products by Carolyn site now for weeks!  So what's keeping you from ordering one?   I have him and he's great.   Plays his own style of "We've got the Beat!"   You're kids and the adults will love it.     I've even trained my dog to take two carrots treats from Pete's trick o' treat bag every morning before her 2 mile walk along our beach!   She knows when the music plays that there are carrots in his little bag.  How cute is that!  Here are some pictures to see it.   
Sandie hears the music and sees the carrots!
Sandie reaches into the bag and takes her two carrots from Pete!  We love it!

Pete is now $24.99 and is available from Campaign 21 here on this link:  CLICK HERE and he'll be available from now for another two weeks!   Don't miss your opportunity to buy him at this great price!

Watch this video to hear Pete and see him sway and sing!  He's 10" tall and uses 3 AA Batteries (not included) for ages 3 and up!  You can let the kids put some Halloween candy in his little bag and snack on them  :o)    Here's the video:  CLICK HERE and then CLICK on "Watch The Video" right under his picture!
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