Thursday, June 21, 2012

Accepting your Body Image: Others who have struggled

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We've been discussing body image and I've shared about my situation and everyone has been very understanding and I've appreciated the comments.

Today I watched a repeat episode on Anderson.  The show had a portion of it dedicated to interviewing Tracey Gold and her struggle and I want to share some of it here and what she did with what happened to her and how she reached out to others and then tomorrow we wrap up the blog series with the public reaction to it Tracey Gold's show and what America is doing to get Healthy!

What Tracey Gold Tells Her Kids About Body Image

Thursday, June 21, 2012 5:00AM

"Growing Pains" star Tracey Gold battled anorexia for years, going on extreme diets, eventually losing control and plummeting to a fragile 80 pounds.
Today, Tracey is healthy and knows it's important to raise her four boys with a healthy body image.
"When you're raising boys, the body image thing isn't as prevalent as it is with girls," says Tracey. "But the thing that I always teach them is kindness in their words."
She continues, "You treat other people as you would want to be treated. If you say something, even though it may not mean something to you, it could really impact somebody, and you need to know that."

(continue to read and watch her story)

Warning Signs of a Disorder

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Tips for Preventing Negative Body Image

Tips for Raising Children with a Healthy Outlook

How to Approach Someone with An Eating Disorder

Tomorrow:  The Reactions to Tracey Gold's LifeTime Show and What America is doing to get Healthy!


kerry said...

I have read all the post in this series so far and look forward to more.

Debbie McConnell said...

I remember when she was struggle, I've watched her since I was younger, it was sad to see her go through it.

Zombiemommy said...

Had a friend with body image issues, her self talk tape wasn't healthy.

Jessi Timmermans said...

Such a great series you are writing! I think it is a topic that gets ignored way too often, and am amazed by your openness!

Beloved said...

A recent article in the Washington Post suggested that although African American tend to be heavier, they have healthier self-images and more body self-esteem. I found it fascinating, as a african-american women taught from birth to love her hips, full lips, her curves and her kissed by savannah suns skin that despite a predominate culture that abuses us, denies us, or consistently invalidates our positive images, in the face of so much negativity, we seems to get this right.
I am sad for women who haven't been raised and supported in environments where they are embraced for the people they are today and not objectified against some impossible, randomly idolized ideas. We've got to do better in loving ourselves, raising our daughters and raising our sons.
Write on, girl!
Peace and good.

Diva Locks said...

I think those are great words of wisdom she is teaching her boys, good for her!

royalegacy said...

I see just too many kids just twigs, needing to be that super skinny image. They are just too thin, and need to be at a more healthy weight.

Looking forward to reading more.
Danielle @ Royalegacy

Sharon Martin Beck Valley Books said...

Really topical post at the moment I one of those people who have issues on body image, its nice to read your posts. x

Rebecca L said...

As someone who used to struggle with body issues, I am appreciative of those who try to spread awareness of this struggle.

Diane said...

The focus in the media is "sex sells" so they put it all out there and then everyone thinks they need to look the same way the models do. I wish they started putting more average sized models in magazines, and more average sized actors and actresses in movies/tv. Just because you arent a size 2 doesn't mean you aren't beautiful! Humans come in all shapes and sizes and I wish the media would really embrace that concept!

Kechell E. said...

I really appreciate this post. Body image is something that is rarely talked about openly and people should be more aware of the struggles. Thank you.

Mimi B said...

This has been such a good series. I remember learning about Tracy's struggle. It blew me away! I appreciate what you've been doing with this series, Carolyn!

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