Thursday, February 7, 2013

Words of Wisdom ... not mine of course! Mine to follow.

SPOTLIGHT ON SNACKS! Give up one for one!

 The above food pyramid is what you should be eating and some of what you shouldn't be eating

My Midnight Snack!

SugarAholics are snacking on the above at anytime of the day!
Here at Conversations With Carolyn you will constantly learn the value of HEALTHY meal and snack choices vs. that which commerical advertising on any media is trying to get you to eatt and hopefully they are NOT on your platter!

Healthy Zucchini Bread!  Homemade!

Healthy Fruit Choice that you can make ahead for the family!

Homemade pizza we make for ANYTIME and KIDS LOVE!
Healthy sandwich that you can make for HUNGRY eater!

Healthy After School Snack that kids and adults can make together!

John (my husband) and I make healthy breads all the time and eat at anytime!

Eggroll Lasagna "cupcakes" because they are made in a cupcake pan.

Healthy Water with Vitamins that is great to drink!

We're always making yummy breakfasts that are healthy!

Coconut everything "pup cake" with Goat's Milk Caramel.  Watch this one!

If you are offering these in a basket, you and your kids will always make healthy food and snack choices!

Food is such a big part in everyone’s lives. Aside from keeping us healthy and energize, food bonds us with our family and friends. This is probably the reason why for families, big or small, the kitchen is the heart of their home.  

Midnight snacks are part of this food bonding. We share our midnight snacks with friends on the couch or over the phone. We eat our midnight snacks when we’re finishing out take-home work. We turn to our midnight snacks to accompany us in the journey of your book of the night. We even have midnight snacks while making decisions with the love of our lives.

Midnight snacks are just simple foods that can be found in the kitchen at the wee hours of the morning. They are usually light because people don’t want to gain calories before getting to bed. 

We will continue this spotlight in blogs to be featured and also written by us!  Please share your healthy snack recipes or links and name the food item.   I will select 10 and and ask you to send your photo to HEALTHY OPTIONS

*Need these recipes and more healthy options?  email us
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