Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dare to ENTER! NO CARVING Pumpkin Decorating Contest End 11/2/13

image credit:  Plaid Crafts

Welcome to the 13 days of Halloween:  NO CARVING Pumpkin Decorating Contest.  This is not just a contest note, but a teaching note as well.  You have until 11/2/13 to enter as many as 5 entries (all no carving pictures) to at 11:59pm ET on 11/2/13.

I love love love this pumpkin decorated with jewelry that you could find at a dollar store or for on etsy or eBay or even my favorite, a thrift store! 

Now the RULES to this contest are varied....  read CAREFULLY.
This is an INTERNATIONAL contest!  3 winners this year, 1 in each category below:

1.  Most HUMOROUS pumpkin  (NON CARVING)
2.  Most SCARY pumpkin      (NON CARVING)
2.  The Best Non-Halloween pumpkin   (NON CARVING)

This is for ADULTS (age 18 and older) and you need to take a picture of your pumpkin with a NOTE in your handwriting that is your signature (first name is fine) next to the pumpkin.  We want to make sure that you are the creator and not a Pinterest picture.  Nor do we want someone else's contest entry on the Internet.

For something different this year, we are going with a NON CARVING CONTEST.  Just like the picture at the top of the page, you are DECORATING, not carving.

1. Must be your own pumpkin, please put a note with it that has your name.

2. EMAIL submissions to: 

3. Include NAME, FaceBook Name, and how you heard of the contest please?

4.  All submissions must be turned in by Nov. 2. 2013 11:59pm ET

5.  Once the final top 2 are determined in each category, their names will appear here on this post and on Dragon's Blood Inc.
(Theresa, my contributor's website)

6.  You may only submit ONE entry (meaning you have to select one category in which to enter.)

7.  You must LIKE  both, Chatting with Carolyn  and Dragon's Blood Inc. on FaceBook in order to have won!

For more ideas we suggest you begin we share from the following article,

And going from there to:
    Be sure to go all the way through the slides to the end.

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My biggest suggestion is to go to PINTEREST.  By clicking that word, you will be taken to a collection of Pinterest pins that are all about non carving pumpkin decorations.

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