Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day! Recycle Water!

Recycle your water when waiting for cold water and dog water!

I have long been one to promote the recycling of water.  Here's how I have done this in my home and with my husband.  One way is to place a bucket in the shower.  When the water is running before you get into the shower, collect that water in a bucket and then use the water for your dog bowl and for your garden!

Another way to collect water is when you are running water in your sink and waiting for it to heat up.  We put the plant waterer (as seen in the above picture on the right-hand side) and then we use that water for houseplants and container gardens on the porch.  We also use that water for the dog water bowl which we change in three rooms of the house daily.

And the final way that I have to share with you is what you can do with the left-over water from your dog's bowl.  I put that in my bucket and water the garden or into the container gardens.  The flowers and herbs don't know that your dog drank out of that water and it's a great way to save water.

If this has helped you in some way, please use the comment section to share what you learned or add another way to recycle water!   Happy Earth Day!

Photo used with permission.  Click on picture or these words for information on how to start container gardening.

Pambra Review and Giveaway!

I was very interested in trying out Pambra because the product was referred to me from a friend.  Pamela has been super supportive and helpful to me along the way.  She's the creator of the Pambra.  This is my review and product giveaway!  The winner of the giveaway will need to write to me in private giving me her bra size and then I will contact Pamela and she will mail the one package of three bra liners to the winner!

I like to walk the one mile of beach each morning with my husband and dog, but what I don't like is the sweaty bra that happens as a result of the walk.  So I started out wearing my bra liner on my walk and then advanced to wearing it anytime I wore my bra because one of the key advantages of wearing it is that you don't have to wash your bra as much!  I'm all in favor of doing that.  

Pambra is made in the USA!  The design advantages are:
  • Effectively absorbs perspiration between and under breasts and extends the usage of the bra.
  • Keeps skin drier to prevent chaffing and irratation.
  • Prevents wetness from seeping onto brassieres and clothing
  • Thin, comfortable and inconspicuous when worn.
Pambra is easy to wash and wear again!  I would encourage you to buy two packages (as I did after the initial trial package for reviewing.)  Machine washable warm and tumble dry low.  Never use bleach.  

Part of the rafflecopter to win the product is to join the their facebook page and twitter page.  And to join my Conversations with Carolyn facebook page and to write why you would like to win the Pambra in the comment section of this blog entry.  The only people who will be eligible to win are the ones who have done ALL of those steps.  DO NOT post your email address or home mailing address in the comment section of this blog entry or your bra size.  Those comments that have that information will be removed and not eligible to win.  Thank you!

And now the rafflecopter entry (you may need to click MORE) to see that information.  Good luck and enjoy the product!

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