Sunday, March 24, 2013

PINTEREST PARTY this Wednesday 3/2713

Well my Etsy shop is starting to come alive with a WEDDING theme and more!  So I thought what better way to start the fun than having a PINTEREST Party on Wednesday night 3/27/13.  6pm ET - 7pm ET.  I will have the rest of the information about it posted here on Monday night!   And you will be able to send your email to me and I will email you the details.  Thanks so much for considering this!  Mark your calendar!

Well this is awkward...

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by, it's been lonely here for awhile.  I write a lot of articles for three blogs and lately the only person really reading and replying is my husband (thank you John!) or people who enter into a giveaway.   My blog doesn't have ads and I don't get paid for this or for having a group and doing most of the giveaways.  So I was wondering,...  could you help by stopping at my Etsy shop and seeing if something is of interest to you to help me float the giveaway boat?  <big smile>  I would really appreciate it.  And if you can't do that, can you go to the top of the Carolyn's Candles page and click on the notifications so you can see more of what I post there and "like" and "share" the messages (even if it isn't giveaway related?)  I feel like we're a community and I would love comments on my blogs too.  I do them for you and other readers and hope that I do a good job but you really never know if someone doesn't say something and that is awkward...
not because I feel like I need the praise but I'm reaching out to all of you and hoping you are reaching out to me too!  The other blogs that I write are:

Carolyn's Candles And More
(I will be opening my Etsy shop for next weekend on Easter and my birthday, March 31st!)  I'm not having a giveaway on that day but hoping you will go there and find something you like.  You can always tell me in comments the things you enjoy buying on the Internet and if you can use a credit card?  or PayPal?  Thanks!

Doing Random Acts of Kindness
This one I've fallen behind on and need to catch up on soon! But there is much to read there.  Thanks!

Well that's pretty much it and THANK YOU for being a fan of the webpage! 

Fold a Paper Box Contest TODAY ONLY 3/24/13


How to make a gift box! You do the same for the top of the box as you did for the bottom of the box. I need to find one more item to go with this. This is a contest for a $5.00 giftcard to your choice of Target, Walmart,, or Starbucks! You can decide with me in email after I pick the winner! GAME #1 FOR TODAY! You have until 8pm PT 3/24/13   11 pm ET to complete the whole thing (top and bottom) and I made these recently and posted mine at the top of the page.


  • For best results, fold neatly. For each fold, carefully align the edge or corner with whatever edge, crease, or other feature it should meet, then crease the paper firmly.
  • You might want to dab some glue on the bottom of the triangular flaps in order to make them stay down, or you can use tape.
  • If your paper is colored on one side, fold it so that the colored side faces down at first.
  • To make a lid for your box, create a square of paper half a centimeter larger than the first box, and repeat all steps.
    • An alternate method for making a lid is to repeat the steps with the same size paper, but on steps 12 and 13, don't fold the edges all the way to the center. Instead, leave about 1/8 of an inch between the edge and the center on both sides.
  • You can use poster board to create a bigger box. You can use sticky notes to make a very small box. But beware it is very difficult.


  • Don't put anything too heavy in the box, or it will collapse. Remember, it is paper.
  • Watch out for paper cuts.

Related wikiHows

Sources and Citations

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is for anything that you would like to do in origami for the top of the lid. There's a heart there that isn't very complicated.
So where are the contestants? I want to provide you with opportunities to win that are challenging and not always easy to do like say true or false. Thanks!!



Congrats gals!  Thank you for sticking your neck out there and taking the challenge (even though it was totally NEW and DIFFERENT to you and me)....   I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!!

Tell me which card you want in email HERE along with your email address and this will come to you on the 3/27/13.   Thanks  again!
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