Monday, January 7, 2013

Cordicin® is the best cold and flu tablets that I’ve ever had! Review 01/07/13

Cordicin® is the best cold and flu tablets that I’ve ever had!

Wow! Talk about the perfect timing! Coricidin® HBP Cold and Flu Tablets came at just the right time! I contracted the highly contageous norovirus and I got it from the nursing
home that my Mother In Law lives in. So I ran to the box and coupons and went through 2 boxes of it (used a coupon) and took a friend
shopping with me and gave her a coupon for it as well.
She is a couponer like me and we stood outside the grocery store and handed out coupons for the product to people who were really bundled up and showing signs of the flu or norovirus. She bought a lot of packaged soup and we stood at out table and handed out all the coupons she had for this product and so did I and we handed them an envelope of soup too. She had extra coupons from the Sunday inserts of the LA Times, andI mean a lot, because we were there for 2 hours and she used the Coricidin® HBP Cold and Flu Tablets coupons and I took a lot from my inserts
and altogether we had passes out 80 something coupons! I waited til I was over the norovirus to sit out there and just chat casually with the people who sat in our chairs and talked about the (norovirus) because we had a survey and a fact sheet about the norovirus and the flu (and what it doesn't cover).
We shared the following information with the many people that stopped by our table on a piece of paper and we had memorized the lines so we could quote without having to do too much of a "pitch" but if you knew me and my coupon friend, we could talk bears into WARM WOOL jackets in the summer! We also had it on the paper that asked them how familiar they were with the product.
I shared from my personal experience and people actually said to us that they are going to the drugstore right next to the grocery store and get their flu shot! We had them use the tablets to take the quiz: and the COMMERCIAL
was going over and over again on a LAPTOP so they could see for themselves.
Coricidin® HBP Cold and Flu Tablets This medicine is specially designed for people with High Blood Pressure.
Coricidin® HBP Cold & Flu Tablets Temporarily relieve runny nose and sneezing due to the common cold.
Temporarily relieve minor aches, pains and headaches associated with a cold or flu.
Temporarily reduces fever.
On our survey we asked the interested people, "What would I want to know before I get this product." We had a fact sheet there with the Coricidin® HBP Cold and Flu Tablets facts that are in the paragraph above this one. We also had them sign an agreement that they know we are NOT Dr's and that before starting any new medication they ask their Dr. if this is a product that they could add to the present medications or not.
For a follow-up we pointed them to: where they could find the product and consider other Coricidin® products. We had some TABLETS on the table that friends had lent to us so that we could let them go to the Coricidin® homepage and read what we had already shared with them AND they could see the commericial on TV and ads in magazines and where to get coupons for this product! On the second laptop we allowed them to sign up on the computer and TAKE the quiz right there so that they were getting the information on the spot and not waiting til they went home. Anyone who came out of the store with the product we handed out a candy cane! And of course the coupon went with it!
I had a statement written out to tell them that I am a Bzz Agent and do not represent the product itself and that my information came from the homepage of Coricidin® and told them how to become a Bzz Agent like me!
We counted 70+ boxes going out the door of the grocery store where we were set up. Yay!

YES, every person I spoke with in person or communicated with online mentioned in this BzzReport knows that I'm a BzzAgent and that I received a product sample, coupon, collateral or other special premium from BzzAgent.
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