Tuesday, May 31, 2011

John's Retirement Today!

John (my husband) retired today!   Wooo hooo!   We've been waiting for two months to finally see this day arrive (since the day he put in for his early retirement).  Those have been a long two months for me.  We were counting weeks, then days and then hours!

While John was at work I went shopping at VONS (used some coupons!!) and set up for his party.

For his retirement we went out to dinner at Pirate's Grub and Grog ( a great restaurant that we've been going to for 10 years now and one of our local favorites!)   I had a lobster tostada and he had fish and chips.  YUM!  We ate some popcorn before the start of the meal but not that much and we both ended up bringing our dinners home here to finish tomorrow for lunch.

For the after party we had more popcorn and each a piece of cheesecake!  I bought the single slices of cheesecake so he could have strawberry and I could have regular.  I never got to snap his photo of him eating his cheesecake because I was busy in the other room.

Tonight I'm wiped out!
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