Sunday, October 20, 2013

FOOD Bucket List turned into Food HORROR Story

Why not start right at the number one FOOD GROUP, "Exotic Food" when creating your FOOD BUCKET LIST!  I have not made a regular Bucket List yet, so I thought that I would divide my Bucket List into categories.   Food, Restaurants, Travel, etc...

Maybe when you hear EXOTIC you go to the WEIRDEST or the STRANGE or even MOST EXPENSIVE food that is out there.  This is my list and so I am defining my exotic food list by foods that I have envisioned I would get into my most COMFORTABLE clothes and have brought to my home and served to me!

My mind doesn't go to THIS LIST.  I'm sorry but I'm not eating CAMEL, GIRAFFE or gross....  SHEEP BALLS!  That list (if you click on it HERE) is made up NOTHING that I would try.  I saw this complete list on tv on Nightline or some 20/20 show.   I just know that I could not get the DORIAN past my nose. (My apologies to my favorite chefs on Food Network who cook with this and don't use a clothespin on their nose.)

I'm sorry but on Saturday afternoon I watched my recorded NIGHTLINE from Friday night and I was so disgusted that I stopped myself from going on with the food bucket list and I had to focus on what was before me.....

Jon Basso and some of his nurses at Heart Attack Grill [Photo: Susan Stapleton]
And then the WHOLE story that's been in the news about this "establishment" of HORROR (I think) of what happens when a self-loathing businessman takes one of the vices known to men, gluttony, and tells the media one story (of "healthiness") and then serves this "sin" on a platter and glorifies obesity.  And before I share this I want to point out that this past year with the death of my Mother In Law in February, I went to comfort food and sugar as my way to deal with Depression.  I'm working hard on breaking free of this extra 50 lbs. that I put on.  So I am preaching to ME before anyone else.  

"Nearly two weeks ago, owner Jon Basso went on Bloomberg to show off the cremated remains of a customer who allegedly died at the restaurant.
· I am an Ex-Employee of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, AMA! [Reddit]
· Ex-Heart Attack Grill Hostess: I Was Told To Film Passed-Out Customer 'So They Could Send It To The Media' [Huff Po]
· All Coverage of Heart Attack Grill [~ELV~]"

Questions for Commentors:
     What do you think about the Heart Attack Grill now that you've either reread the stories or are reading them for the first time?
     Do you get this sick feeling in your stomach (no pun intended) when you see this emphasis placed on the bigger you are the better?  For example, if you weigh 350 lbs. or more you eat free?

Day 20 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge!
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