Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving: Who or what are we truly thankful for?

What pictures come to mind when we talk about Thanksgiving?   It is the food like the above picture?

Is it just like the 30 Days of Thanksgiving that we did?  How long should it last?

Is it the FIRST THANKSGIVING.... the Pilgrims and the Indians?   

Or is it to God for His unspeakable Gift? Hopefully it's TO GOD and FOR ALL that He has given us and especially for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, coming to this earth just to die for your and my sins.   For how long?  For an eternity!

The norm might be for me to now share a lot of verses with you about Giving Thanks and Gratitude.   We've done that in days past here.  Look back through the older blog entries to see what I mean.

But I want to do something different today.   I want to say THANKS to GOD for not only sending His Son to die for our sins but for sustaining us (keeping us alive) and giving us just what we need for TODAY and for the ability to communicate this with others.   He has given us all the ability to thank HIM.  Some in the written word, others by speaking, others by touch, and to others just thanking Him in our minds and hearts.   

God is praised when we thank Him!   God is worshiped when we thank Him!   God wants to be the key person that you give thanks to (and not just before your meals, but all the time!).  So I'd like to ask you TODAY and every day, to thank God for all that you can possibly thank for Him for.

For me that's a Gratitude Journal that I run with my Prayer Journal.  I have it on the opposite page of my prayers.  I keep it in a composition book!  You can keep it in your heart and mind, or you can write it down, you could record it verbally, in music (singing or writing songs), you could create a video about giving thanks to God (and daily).   However you do it, be sure that you are truly thankful for these things and not just going through the motions to do it because someone told you that you should.  And if there's a day when you just can't get words of thanks out to God, then tell Him that and ask Him to show you something that you can be thankful for!

New American Standard Bible (©1995)
in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. 

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