Friday, November 1, 2013

WINNERS of Chatting with Carolyn Fan Page Contests and GIveaways

The Winner of the Poetry Contest is:  Carie Krajca-Hopkins

The Winners of the Nail Contest are:

        Beginner Level:  JILL COLLINS   (pictures and instructions are coming to a new blog post Monday or Tuesday)
        Intermediate Level:  JUSHEAN LOO  (same with the
          pictures and instructions)
        Advanced Level:  MONICA RUSSO   (same with the
          pictures and instructions)

No one entered the Pumpkin Non Carving Contest which is a real shame because there's a good prize not going to anyone.

THE WINNERS OF THE 500 FAN GIVEAWAY  are being  announced as soon as the winners and I make contact.  Please check back for our verified winners!  We have one more to check in. 


ps...  we are mentioning it here and not on the fan page, but COMMENTS (like congrats to the winners are ENCOURAGED)!
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