Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Treats Blog Hop! Mine: Cinnabon Christmas Trees

Cinnabon in the Pillsbury can, Red Sprinkes in the Cinnabons, and a freeze fried cranberries in the middle of the Cinnabon, Unbleached coffee filter for the tree skirt, and Jolee's Scrapbooking Supplies (presents on the tree skirt!) and a red and silver bow for the tree topper. When I do this again I will use parchment paper  (which is showing a $1.00 0ff Coupon)for the background! I think the white is better than the foil background.

We are all so addicted to the Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls by Pillsbury.  We usually have 1-2 of their products in our refrig. at all times during the month of December because we never really know when we will want it for breakfast, dessert or have company over and have an easy to prepare dessert for Christmas.

Enjoy the HOP!"

Pin photo on MediaPin

Pin photo on MediaPin

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