Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ventura Harbor

The days have been beautiful here in Southern California for the last 2 weeks and we decided that we better get the best of these days before winter does decide to set in.  We went to our neighbor town of Ventura to the Ventura Harbor!  Sandie is a native here.  She loves the huge grass area where they sometimes bring special event set ups.  Nothing is there right now so she had the whole run of the huge area!  

This harbor is thriving!  The fishing boats are in great condition and we really caught a nice picture of them!  Usually we will go for some ice cream but today we decided to check out some of the newer shops/restaurants to the harbor.

This place has changed hands a number of times.  We just wanted to get a picture with the pirate but I cut his head off to be sure that Sandie was in the picture, lol!

Ahoy Sandie!  The sun got into the picture some but this is an adorable picture of Sandie!  She's the octopus!

Fisherman Memorial was a place to stop and take a picture of John and Sandie.  Cute subjects for pictures!

Then we finished our day by having dinner at the infamous "ANDRIA'S."  Thankfully it wasn't crowded at 3pm and we were able to get some favorites.  John had the fish and chips and I had the crab cakes and chips!
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