Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Blogiversary to me Giveaway! USA only!


That's right!  Here at Conversations with Carolyn we (John and I) are celebrating our blog's one year anniversary!  The year has gone by so quickly!  In the one year so much has happened but probably nothing quite as wonderful as John's retirement.  God really planned his retirement at the perfect time.  Two years early but not early enough for all the many things that we've gone through in the year.  If you're a first-time reader of this blog today, you will just have to go through the topics and see all that has happened.  If you have been with us for the year then you know various topics that we've covered!

Well, I could write more but let's get this party started!  I am giving away 6 gifts to you that we bought (just so you know you're not getting any freebies we received!)  There will be 6 winners.

These are the gifts:

 Beard head mustache (walrus black) that attaches to a beard head.

      Pink feather hair clip.

Blue and black feather hair clip.

Neon feather hair clip.

Cranberry Mango Scentsy Circle

Cinnamon Bear Scentsy Circle

Let's just jump to the RAFFLECOPTER now and get busy!  In the comment section which is mandatory, we would like to know one topic (or more) that you enjoy reading on our blog.  Thanks!

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