Sunday, September 28, 2014

$10.00 Amazon GC and Hobbies and Crafts Giveaway Announcement 10/05 - 10/17/14 USA only

Do you like to work on hobbies and crafts in your spare time?
This giveaway is an $.50 gift card, $1.00 gift card,
$2.00 gift card, $3.00 gift card $4.00 gift card to get whatever you wish.  This way we can have many winners!

Now the hobby part.... I just need to see your hobby!  That's the important part of this giveaway. I need to see something that you have made as an adult in a picture, submitted to my email.

If you do the HOBBY part of this giveaway, you will be eligible for either one of MY hobby gifts or one made by someone else. 

*This giveaway has nothing to do with FaceBook.
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