Sunday, August 4, 2013

Verbal Vomit and how to Ignore it

The Urban Dictionary says that verbal vomit is, "When any ones mouth runs like diarrhea with useless crap."   I love these two words because when I hear the neighbor across the street yelling at her husband every night (after she's drunk) this is exactly what she does.   And I've noticed that in some groups on Face Book and other social media that some people have the GIFT of Verbal Vomit.

So what do you do when you run across it?  Do you give in and argue with them or do you ignore it and keep going or do you even find that you need to quit a group because there's so much of it going on in the group that you really don't care to stay there and hear it....  I've done all of the above!

What I've find out when I ignore it coming at me, they choke on their verbal vomit!  When I choose to debate the verbal vomit, I always have to let the other person have the last word because it could go on forever.   And last night I left a "good deals group" (that's not the name of it) but it was about the leader posting ads and asking people to buy it to help her make money. Whooooaaaa, that group shouldn't even exist.  She was angry about some person she is battling with who is copying her words on the group and posting them somewhere else and making her look bad...  so she changed the group to Secret... and then posted a nasty note accusing "someone" of being a SPY in the group.   I just quit the group when I saw so many notes being written to her telling what to do to get rid of this person.  I felt like I walked into a Kindergarten class at playtime!  

So here's the clear message...  escape from the Verbal Vomit as fast as you can and don't say anything...  tell it to your husband or wife at home and offline and get it off your chest.   Or go journal it and meditate and quiet your mind.

Question:  How do you handle verbal vomit when you come across it?  Do you have any suggestions to the readers here who just can't help themselves and they react to it?

Unofficially Day #4.

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