Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Eyes Have it Contest and Giveaway

Welcome to THE EYES HAVE IT Contest and Giveaway!

Well the other day I introduced you to Eye Make Up: Color Blending.  And now I want to introduce an eye make up contest.  I will judge this one with the help of my husband.  But I will ask for the COMMENT section today for you to tell me if you would enter or share this with a friend to enter. Contest and giveaway end at 11:59pm ET/8:59pm PT Tuesday night.

The prizes are 1 winner of an Avon Glimmerstick and then a giveaway for 6 Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner for the giveaway.   Yes, I said 6!  I want to really encourage you to use the look like the above picture.  But I'm mostly looking for the eyeliner use.  So refer to the page I wrote the other night, here, and then get practicing and you only need a picture of ONE of your eyes and you may enter as many times as you wish up to 5 times!  The contest starts NOW and ends on Wed. June 13th at 11pm ET.  Send your pictures to me at and please mark them for The Eyes Have It Contest.  Thanks!   So anxious to see your eyes!

There's a VIDEO for eye shadow blending on my other blog entry.  AND here's some reviews of the GLIMMERSTICKS.  Click here please?

Please tell me in the comments if you or a friend that you will bring here will enter this contest.  Thanks!

To place an order with me at Avon, please go to:  Carolyn's Avon Page

And now the rafflecopter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway
This contest has nothing to do with FACEBOOK and they are not held accountable for anything in here.  Thanks! 
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