Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shared entry: Lime Watermelon Jello Vodka Shots

Summer is almost here! That means BBQ's, pool parties and patios. These Lime Watermelon Jello Vodka Shots are a perfect treat for your guests. They also pack up well to take to a friends house.

Lime Watermelon Jello Vodka Shots

5 large limes
1 package of watermelon flavoured jello
3/4 cranberry juice
1/2 cup chilled vodka

In a large glass measuring cup microwave the cranberry juice until boiling. Remove from microwave and add jello powder. Stir until completely dissolved. Stir in vodka. If you want to make a non alcoholic version just add water instead of vodka. Chill for about half hour.

CREDIT :  Confessions Of A Food Lover

Pictures of how to do this step by step are at:


My added comment:  If you are a non-drinker like myself...  I would use fruit juice... this way the kids can get in on it too!  If you want to go low sugar, then try the V8 VFusion (LIGHT).  I love this fruit juice!  

Here's more information about it:

You'll find recipes and coupons there!!

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