Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Personal Goals for April 2012

I have been using my  "My Prevention Day Calendar 2012" (which is a wonderful day/week planner with incredible tips and information about food and such that helps so much) to do my weekly planning but I wanted to do more to this and make monthly goals so I'm starting today with them.
Oh and I also use Cozi (from the incredible Fly Lady) on my computer to type these out and work on them.  I highly suggest using this free help!  And if you don't know who the Fly Lady is, well here's a way to meet her and see if you want to become more organized with daily, weekly, monthly goals for cleaning your house!  Ugh, something that I can't say that I follow real well.  But I'm trying anyway!  Just click on the word Fly Lady and you will be taken to that page.

Cozi (since I mentioned it) is incredible!  I really love that I can send notes from it to my husband's computer or to his cell phone.  Nothing like bugging him while he's trying to drive.  It's a text message.  Other features on Cozi (and I use the free ad driven one, can't see paying for it just to get rid of ads on the side which I don't notice!)  are "to do" list, monthly calendar, and weekly calendar, Shopping List, and Meal Planning (my entry about Meal Planning can be read on this blog from 4/2/12). 

complete meal planning week by week
reorganize pantry 
take canned and bagged food and drinks to Food Bank
freezer cooking
read 2 unread magazines and recycle
clip coupons 
create banner for Conversations With Carolyn FB group
create banner for Doing Random Acts of Kindness FB group 
create inventory for Avon products
have a yard sale for the $1.00 Avon products
find a PSP program type that I might be able to use for free

Read a daily entry from "Sanctuary" by David Jeremiah 5x/week
Journal an entry from my reading 5x/week
read a novel on my Kindle

memorize 10 verses from my verses given in my daily devotions.
set up the printer for this new laptop
1-2 new crafts this month and make at least one project to give to someone else

a more patient wife and friend (I'm not asking God to teach me patience, mind you!)

What are your goals for April?   Do you have any suggestions for this blog entry that would be helpful to me in my endeavor to be a more organized woman?  Thanks!
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