Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Travel Essentials Giveaway

 Are you planning to hit the road this summer? We've got you covered! We are bloggers, moms, wives, women and we know what it takes to have a succesful road trip!

Tips to make your summer travels go smoother!

    And of course, we know you need some basic essentials before you head out in the car or minivan.

What can you win?

Hop over here to see all the prizes you can win. (We've got travel games for kids, sprays and lotions, drink mixes,travel books, even some new earrings!) Then fill out the form below to get lots of chances to win! US winner only. Giveaway ends June 18 12:01 AM.

ps... I had to bow out of this event...  a technical problem. 

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