Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dyeing Marbelized Eggs for Easter 2012

                           (above photo is from the Internet and a STOCK photo)

This year I went around on the Internet looking for a combination of different ways to dye our eggs.  We found a number of articles that shared the way that we wanted to do them.  We did buy a PAAS set so that I could have the wire from there and the stickers!

I really don't like the idea of dyeing eggs if the dye is somehow able to seep through to the egg (which I do remember from my childhood!)  Call me the "new generation of health nuts!"  I wanted to use the wire egg holder from the PAAS kit but that was all I needed.

First I found an incredible article and way of dyeing the eggs using Kool-Aid packets from  The way that you do this will be explained in the directions to follow.   And then I found another article called "Coloring Easter Eggs with Ingredients from the Pantry," from Pam Freeman of Laura's Lean Beef's Blog, "Smarter Bytes,"and used her directions for the Marbled Eggs.  And I will explain this with the directions to follow.  There's another article that I found called "Dyeing Eggs with Food from Your Pantry," from The Bitten Word but I didn't use any of her instructions but feel that her article is also worth checking out for yourself to use if you're interested in that method.

Marbled Eggs My Way
1.  Dozen hard  boiled eggs cooled or chilled.
2.  Your favorite "colors" of Kool-Aid   (I used four and did a couple of combination dipping).
3.  White Vinegar
4.  Canola Oil (I used Extra Virgin Olive Oil since that's all I had on hand!)
5.  Sturdy cups for the liquid dyes
6.  Wire egg holder from the PAAS kit (or make something yourself!)
7.  Toothpicks

Pam's secret to success in her article is "how quickly you insert and remove the egg after stirring.  The longer you wait, the less dye will adhere to the egg."  She shares how you can combine the colors when she shares, "Also, you can dye an egg with one color, then dry it and use this marbling technique with another color for some really cool results."  I suggest you follow her directions as they really helped us!  Pam also explains a Tie Dye Egg which is really cool, I just didn't have food color on hand.

1.  Fill cup with 1 Tablespoon each of white vinegar, canola oil and dye of choice
2.  Then fill cup with warm water (enough to cover egg)
3.  Stir (I used toothpicks for this and one for each cup)
4.  Dry egg with paper towel (I used one paper towel per egg color so that I wasn't bringing any color from one towel to the next egg being dried.)

Our finished eggs (we only did 6 because I need a lot of eggs to devil later today!)  Two pictures to show them on their sides as well as from the top!  From the top:

From the side of the eggs in the basket!  I love this shot.

If you have any links from your blog that you would like to share to be added to this article or just want to leave them in the comments, let me know in a comment or write to me at and I would be happy to add them!  HAPPY EASTER!
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