Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams and me

As someone who daily battles with DAILY with depression and has attempted suicide a couple of times, I can tell you that there is nothing "SELFISH" about the whole thing. I want to scream every time I see someone say that. We fight our demons daily and no amount of prayer is going to take it away because it is a medical condition. God created us with depression. I'm sorry Christian friends, but I've battled this my whole life and the only person to ever see it me was a medical doctor.

My psychiatrist of 17 years was a real God send. He always has me taper off the one medication if I start to get too hyper. I have several support groups on FaceBook but the real support is my wonderful husband and my incredible dog! I also belong to a Christian group online and get a daily writings from people like me (Chronic Illness, Invisible Illness) that are grounded in the Word. I am amazed at how people in these groups and the ones who write have way many more illnesses, diseases than myself and who endlessly supply support to others.

Over the years here on FaceBook, I have shared things not to get friends to feel sorry for me but to ask for prayer and good thoughts and energies and any words of support. Some have hurt when I hurt and are happy when I'm happy. One of the worst things to say to a person, is "I'll pray for you." Another time I will share again why that is.

We don't know what Robin Williams was struggling with at the time of his depression.  His wife may not even know.  Our issues are complicated and only a PROFESSIONAL DR. and PROFESSIONAL Support should attempt to diagnose or medicate we who have it.   Sometimes going off meds. creates a horrible experience and that is when people make this permanent solution (not to a temporary problem..... sometimes a lifetime problem) and it's very hard to explain to anyone just exactly what sets us off into a major downward spiral or what it will be that stops that spiral and helps us move upward.

So please....  if you have never understood the disease, take today to search online about it.  Ask your friend with depression any questions you may have.
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