Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting back on the Meal Plan Wagon

The above meal plan is real easy to use!  But! The link led to a page error.  Darn...

Personally I have been using this one that works real well for us:     And for grocery shopping I use this:  
Before you can use the above you need to download the free Adobe ReaderHere is where you can get a free copy!

The above two printable downloads work so well for John and I.  He does the shopping (does all that pushing of the shopping cart and carrying the bags to the car and up the stairs to the kitchen) and we make up the shopping list together so he knows what items I am talking about when I write them on the list.  I'm so thankful for him doing all the grocery shopping!   Sometimes I will go along for the walk but most often I just stay home and wait to help with unloading the groceries.

If you are reading this and are wondering how to get involved in coordinating your coupons with your shopping and more help with couponing in general then this place is wonderful for you to visit and learn how to do it all!  Passion For Savings is the best spot I have found on the internet so far! (I'm not saying that other great places don't exist out there.)   Just click here to go and learn!  Passion For Savings.

Meal Planning has saved me so much money in buying groceries.  My grocery budget is very healthy at this time!  I really like the first meal planner that is on this page and may try that one for awhile to see if it is better than the current one I use.  We're able to have left-overs for lunches and that saves time in meal preparation and gives me more time to do other things.

Feel free to use the comments to ask any questions, share links to meal planning and grocery lists that you use and enjoy.  That will really help other readers here.  Thanks! 
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