Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas in July on Chatting With Carolyn's FB page and here!

Did you remember "Christmas in July?"

Since I sell Scentsy, I will be making great offers this month!  Today I'm going to show some of the best things about Scentsy in July!

My store:

For sale this month!  The page you want to visit is this:

COMMENT PLEASE?  Which of these above items would you be interested in learning about (if you haven't gone to their page already and ordered?)     Also, please state if you want a sample of items I have on hand and your email address and I will write to you to get your physical address!   Thanks!  I have samples of some of the scents. 

Come to the group and join in!

1 comment:

Make1KaDay with Shawn and Emily Stoik said...

Well since I love lighthouses my first pick is that! What do you love most about scentsy? it's a great company to be with :-D

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